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This is my niece Blake! I am totally a super obsessed aunt. There is a baby brother on the way and I can't wait to spoil him too!
Fall is my FAVORITE season! Can't beat pretty weather, pretty colors, and warm cider!
Little Corgi is getting bigger! She has been so much fun to see grow!
I enjoy trying new wineries with great friends! This one is in Weston, MO!
I donated 15 inches to Panteen Foundation to make wigs for women going through chemo. I have donated 15 times since I was 5 years old!
My parents live in New Orleans so it is always fun to go see them!!
This is my Corgi Pup- Pippa Roux- She has her own instagram! @itspipparoux
My husband's name is Eric- he is my rock!! We Eloped in Denver, CO on a mountain top!

Katie Baines

Career Consultant

"Why be anything but HAPPY?"

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I am an easy going, hard working, happy kind of girl. I try to always stay busy and live life to my best ability. I am newly married, born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska and wondering why I am not living in warm weather every winter! I love animals so have a new Corgi puppy in my life who keeps me on my toes and awake at all hours, along with 2 cats and a husband. My middle sister had her first child and she has become my everything! Being an Aunt is the greatest! I also enjoy being on patios with the sun is shining, but also getting active in the wilderness. Most nights you can find me sitting on my couch listening to a good record, snuggling my pup, and enjoying a glass of wine or cider.

Traveling opens the soul to new adventures! I highly recommend you make a bucket list of places you want to go before you talk to a recruiter, but keep in mind, I've probably got a list of 20 places you never KNEW you wanted to go to! That's the exciting part. I can't wait to talk travel with you and help you find your next adventure!

My Interests

  • • Traveling
  • • Animal Rescues
  • • My Family
  • • Going to Concerts
  • • Baking!
  • • Meeting NEW People
  • • Volunteering
  • • Photography
  • • Hard Ciders and Sour Beers
  • • Wine Tasting
  • • Being with Friends
  • • Learning new things!
  • Comments and Recommendations

    I've been traveling for 3 years now, had wonderful agents, but Katie Baines is by far the best! My assignment has some bumps, not on any part of the facility or Katie, but because of that, she sent me pizza last night!! So thoughtful and not expected. I have never been surprised with food while at work! The on-boarding was amazing, the compassion for issues has been outstanding! So glad I joined up with Medical Solutions. Thank you Katie for being Awesome!

    - Nurse E

    I just wanted to let you know what an awesome amazing recruiter you are. Thank you Katie, for helping me believe in travel nursing again.
    You help me be able to provide love ,care and kindness to my patients by taking care of the other stuff. Finally a recruiter with a pulse and an ounce of human kindness. The on boarding was easy and she helped me with my computer challenges. Much Gratitude!

    - Nurse M

    Katie you are the best! You've had nothing but 100% honesty with me and I appreciate it!

    - Nurse S