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Allan K.

Career Consultant

Finding happiness is less about circumstance and more about perspective. Choosing to view life through brighter lenses, embracing challenge, and expressing gratitude have been critical in helping me achieve my own personal and professional goals.

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Originally from Brooklyn, I have lived throughout NYC, NJ, Kansas City, and have finally settled down in San Diego, CA. My wife Jessica and I have two amazing children named Violet (6) & Oliver (3) and a Shi-Tzu named Martin (11).

Before joining the Medical Solutions family, I was responsible for hiring, quality assurance, and management of over 3,000 health, wellness, and fitness professionals throughout the US. My entry into Medical Solutions and travel nursing has enabled me to purse my own personal mission of "Making a positive impact on humanity through kindness, caring, and wellness."

My Interests

  • • Health
  • • Wellness
  • • Family
  • • Community
  • • Power-lifting
  • • Weightlifting
  • • Volunteering