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Taylor R.

Career Consultant

"my Brain said Crunches" but my stomach auto-corrected it to "cupcakes"

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Hey! My name Is Taylor I was born in Pasadena Ca, live out in beautifu San Diego now where it is so easy to be outside and have fun doing anything you want to do! I went to college in Dallas Tx and played football for SMU (southern Methodist University) Pony Up! Certain questions I get on a consistent basis are " omg how tall are you" (6'7") and " Did you play basketball?" nope football! some more fun facts about myself are I am double jointed in the thumbs, super competitive yet fun loving, and i'm starting to dabble in the sport of Golf. I'm an open book if you ever have a question for me or wonder about anything I love helping and love answering questions so feel free to ask!

My Interests

  • • - Sports
  • • -Los Angeles Dodgers
  • • -Pittsburgh Steelers
  • • -All College Football
  • • -Golf
  • • -Hiking
  • • -Beach
  • • -Beer mhhhmm Beer
  • • -Traveling the Country just like you!