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Todd Linde

Career Consultant

The courage to be great lies deep within each of us.

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I have been a Career Consultant at Medical Solutions for 8yrs. I love where I work and the travelers I get to help every day. I really enjoy getting to know the travelers on more of a personal level.

In my spare time, I enjoy music and going to concerts, watching and playing sports, spending time with my kids, Grace, Jacob, Hope and my beautiful wife, Mandie. I am probably best known for my loud outgoing personality.

My Interests

  • • Family (3 kids and beautiful wife)
  • • Husker Football
  • • Green Bay Packers
  • • Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
  • • Los Angeles Lakers
  • • UCLA Bruins Basketball
  • • Coaching
  • • Fishing
  • • Cooking
  • • Faith
  • • Music
  • • Movies
  • Comments and Recommendations

    Just wanted to say Thank You again for your polite demeanor and your friendly approach, it is very helpful in deciding who to stay with when choosing a travel company.

    - Nadia

    THANK YOU for everything you’ve done for us-if it wasn’t for you, we never would have gotten where we are today. Going with Medical Solutions was the best decision I could have made as a ‘traveler’ and I could not have asked for a better recruiter.

    - Bethany

    Thanks for handling my anxieties so well. For that reason alone I am not interested in working for anyone else.

    - Vonnie

    This has been a massive learning curve to say the least and I appreciate you helping me out as much as you have.

    - Jon

    I love my job!! I love that I have the opportunity to travel anywhere I want and still earn a great living!! Big shout out to my travel recruiter, Todd Linde at Medical Solutions!! He has been awesome to work with as my career dreams have come true!!

    - Jessica

    I am one lucky girl right here!! After 2 long 12 hour shifts my poor feet always ache no matter what shoes I wear. Imagine my surprise to find this foot massager on my doorstep. I swear, Todd Linde with Medical Solutions must be some sort of mind reader in what his nurses need. First a really cool nursing bag with my own business cards and now this!! This feels wonderful!!! Thank you Todd, for spoiling me!! You are the best and I am thankful for the opportunity in being a part of Medical Solutions team

    - one lucky Girl

    Although I've never done a travel assignment with this company, I know they Love their nurses!!!! Todd Linde is the man to talk to if any of my nurse friends are looking to travel!

    - Deborah

    Came home from work this morning to a package and this little beautiful picture was inside! Todd, you're the man! Thanks for always giving us little goodies and good jobs! #yourock

    - Amy

    I landed myself in print...thank you Todd for your support

    - Gina

    It's the cake ball version of me!!! Thanks Todd Linde (the best recruiter ever!), I love her! - in reaction to the Christmas cake pops she received

    - Liz

    The moment when you come home from work and realize your recruiter and travel company are AMAZING! They've got nurses pegged!! Only been with medical solutions for a month, but so far WAY BETTER THAN BEFORE! #feelingappreciated #travelnurse #medicalsolutions Thanks for making me feel special today!-

    - Kelsey

    Thank you for all ur hard work and especially for getting me the gig in Maui to make me realize what a great place my heart was yearning for.

    - Tami

    Good job Todd  The loyalty they have to you speaks volumes about how great you are with building relationships with your nurses.

    - Kim

    You must be doing something right to keep them so loyal to you! props to you my friend – Great job!

    - Tyler

    My Career consultant Todd Linde helps me obtain my career goals and treats me like royalty! It's a very rewarding career and I plan on staying with your company a long time

    - Christy

    Treat people like you want to be treated.
    Todd took it upon himself to take the teams flash cards and get them put on the key rings without anyone asking him. He also was very thoughtful and saved some desserts for me from our food day because they were running low and he knows how much I love desserts. Todd has the most caring heart.

    - annonymous co worker

    Call Todd Linde at Medical Solutions 844-605-7282. He will not blow smoke up your @#$!. If he has something where you want, he will tell you! 100% honest and trustworthy!

    - Toni

    I love working with Medical Solutions. They are very organized, which facilitates easy transitions on assignments. My Recruiter, Todd Linde is great to work with also.. He knows locations I find appealing and has always come through for me!

    - Elizabeth

    Treat people like you want to be treated.
    Todd and I have been speaking to the same nurse. He is letting me move forward with her even though he had done a lot of work with her. Todd is a great guy and represents all of Medical Solutions values. Thank You Todd.

    - Shane-colleauge

    Thanks for all you have done and your great service! I really appreciate you.

    - Abby

    Thank you to Todd Linde who handles my crazy life and places me in locations where my bucket list keeps getting smaller! 🌎

    - Kelsey