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Annie E.

Career Consultant

Since everything is a reflection of our minds… everything can be changed by our minds.

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With 10+ years of experience in the travel nurse industry, I consider myself an expert at my job. This longevity has given me great purpose to share my knowledge and guidance so that I can help others. I consider the nurse to recruiter relationship as not only a partnership, but also as a friendship with mutual respect. We are equal parts of: effort, transparency, open communication, loyalty, and hard work. These aspects are of the utmost importance for a fulfilling outcome in the careers of both travelers and recruiters alike!

I work with a mix of both first-time & veteran travel nurses so whether you choose to work with me or someone else, please use me as a resource, I am here and happy to help!

I was lucky enough to be born and raised in beautiful San Diego CA. I am happily married with a beautiful daughter named Kayla! I love working with nurses and hearing their stories. I know it is one of the hardest jobs out there and I have a great deal of respect for the strength it takes to do it.

For fun I enjoy spending time with friends and family, camping, fishing, trying new restaurants, and doing whatever else that will put a smile on my daughters face. I am also a huge animal lover and we own a cat named Bandit, a Pomeranian named Buddy, a turtle named Lupe, and two chickens: Sprite and Sweetie Pie. Anyways, thank you for taking the time to read a little about who I am, I can’t wait to hear about you!

My Interests

  • • Camping
  • • Fishing
  • • Spending time with family and friends
  • • Trying new restaurants
  • • Traveling
  • Comments and Recommendations

    Annie is one of the most friendly, energetic, and passionate professionals I've ever worked with! She has gone above and beyond for my fiancé and I to land the perfect assignments. She is constantly taking our interests into account when applying us to positions and putting in a good word for us. She deserves to be recognized because she truly goes the extra mile and you can tell she loves her job.

    - Aaron K & Heather K, CVICU RNs

    Annie is the most helpful recruiter ever! This is my first time traveling. She reviewed my contract with me several times to ensure that I understood it. She calls to check on me and sends me gifts. She is very prompt in answering my questions and communicating with me. My assignment has been amazing and she's a part of the reason why.

    - Lynn A, Med-Surg RN

    A person who guides you through your travel assignment then follows up with how your quest to the environment goes. cheers you up with some words of wisdom. But most of all the source of reminders to keep you strong and get through your assignment. Always there by e-mail, phone call, text and your good advocate for the hospital you are going to work and the company.

    - Michael W, ICU RN

    As a new player on the travel nursing team, I had many questions and a bunch of nerves. Annie has been a LIGHT in helping me on this new journey. I would recommend her to anyone!

    - Keondria B, Med-Surg RN

    She is so great to work with! I have never had a negative experience with her and she goes above and beyond to make certain that my travel experience is excellent! I recommend her to anyone who is interested in travel nursing! And she has ALWAYS been there for me! She even listened to me and offered lots of support while I was on a rant while on an assignment (with another company, only because I HAD to be in that city and MedSolutions didn’t have any positions near there) that I hated, which brought me back to Medical Solutions and Annie!!!

    - Megan M, PACU RN

    She has been amazing to work with. Anytime I have any questions or concerns she is always on it and responds almost immediately. It’s been amazing working with her!

    - Jameson P, ER RN

    Annie is always cheerful and happy..very welcoming and always a joy to talk to and deal with. Annie is always there an ear to hear and a voice to help! I love her to the moon and back!

    - Michelle H, PACU RN

    Annie is a rockstar. She is always upbeat, happy, with a positive attitude. She always delivers what she promises, and goes above and beyond when the need arises. She was there for me during a difficult time when I had to deal with a verbally abusive manger and had to leave the assignment early. She was able to get me another contract almost immediately at the hospital that I wanted to go to.
    I have been traveling with Annie for 3 years now and wouldn't use anyone else!

    - Gina V, PICU RN

    Annie has always been there,answered every question for me. She makes me feel like I matter. This my first time traveling and she has made it very easy for me. She is the reason I am with medical solutions. I give her information to everyone that wants to travel.

    - David M, OR Tech

    First she is absolutely the nicest person I have had the pleasure of working with without ever meeting. She makes sure I have any and all information required to do my job successfully and if and when I have issues or questions before the day is gone poof issues and problems solved!! I really feel she fights hard for me to get the best assignments and PAY!

    - Judy C, Med-Surg RN

    Annie is an awesome recruiter/career consultant. I started working with Annie in 2011. She is always, always available if I have a concern or issue that needs to be addressed. I have been a travel nurse since 2010, and during that time, I have worked for other agencies and recruiters, but somehow, I tend to always gravitate back to Annie. Whenever I call her and express interest in work, all Annie needs to know is where do you want to go. Annie is the handler. She can make it happen. She never leaves you hanging. Always quick to respond. She is AWESOME SAUCE and I love working with her. She is very supportive and doesn't try to talk you into taking an assignment if she thinks you won't be happy with it. Annie's priority is the nurse.

    - Paulette S, MB/PP RN

    A traveler 3 years ago, when I was with a different travel agency and very unhappy, told me about Medical Solutions Annie Emens. She told me that she had been traveling for about 10 years and had been with Annie the whole time. Annie always had her best interest in mind and came highly recommended. This year, I "finally" reached out to Annie and low and behold, everything I was told about Annie is true. She is amazing. Not pushy, excellent listener, a true nurse advocate. She always follows through, is an excellent communicator and is a genuinely compassionate person. I cannot recommend Annie more highly.

    - Janice C, CNOR