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Its not cheating if its camping right? But is it camping if there is pizza?
Backpacking Big Sur
Rafting in Bali
Happy Holidays!!
Caught One!
Making Friends
They said I ruined the picture by having fun.
Summer time in SD with friends
He's alright.
The pops and I on our annual sail!
A traveling dog knows to bring his own toothbrush.
Socrates dressed up for Halloween too!
Can't win them all...
Socrates and I at the dock
Dream BIG
Hiking San Franscisco

Danielle A

Career Consultant

Hey friend, quit worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey.

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Hey there!

I'm Danielle and I will be your advocate and partner throughout your traveling career. I've been with Medical Solutions since 2012. I live in sunny San Diego, CA where I was born and raised.

Tell me to take a hike, and I will! I love backpacking, camping, and dog beaches, well because...dogs are wonderful. I have an Australian shepherd named Socrates.

I also enjoy traveling, comedy, and reading! I'm in an improv group and a book club, which I believe, if it were the 1980s, makes me a poindexter. Speaking of revenge of the nerds, I attended the University of Arizona (Bear Down) where I studied Biology and Psychology.

I developed a passion for science from my mom who is an incredible nurse. I believe that it is never too early or too late for a life experience.

If you enjoy adventures, the smell of a hot breakfast, and an occasional laugh, we might be perfect for each other. I'm excited to serve you!

My Interests

  • • Reading
  • • Camping
  • • Backpacking
  • • Cooking
  • • Yoga
  • • Spicy food
  • • Red Wine
  • • Bourbon
  • • The smell of lavender
  • • Sailing
  • • Traveling
  • • Listening to music
  • • Canceling my plans to stay home and watch Netflix
  • Comments and Recommendations

    I just want to thank you for the placement here in Maine. This is an outstanding hospital with a friendly staff and a wonderful work environment. The patient base is very diverse which allows for constant learning and growth in your individual medical skills.
    The arrangements and help your staff provided for housing, transportation and information about the area are top notch. I would definitely like to extend my current stay and look forward to future opportunities with your compan
    I will definitely recommend you by name to my peers interested in my name future assignments. You have been a wonderful help.
    Thanks again.

    - PA

    Danielle has been an absolute blessing since the first conversation. Her bright demeanor, genuine thoughtfulness, and unending advocacy are only a few of the qualities that I find invaluable. There's never a doubt that I am in good, capable hands with the top notch communication that shines with personal interest even outside the work-related field. My words will fall short, but I will simply say that I have much to be thankful for regarding this incredible woman.

    - RN

    I don't have the time or words to describe this fabulous recruiter! From start to finish she makes starting and completing an assignment a smooth and easy process! She is always reachable even when I am not currently on an assignment and she provides answers and solutions to questions or problems as they arise. If I can do EVERY travel assignment with this recruiter I will be a VERY happy camper!

    - LPN

    Danielle has been my recruiter for almost the past year. During this time she has done nothing but everything to make my life as easy as possible. She knows her job and performs it well. She is highly competent and could not be more professional. She has made it clear over and over to me that she is sincerely there for me and I do believe if I needed her to she'd have my back in a heartbeat. She makes it a point to check in with me weekly and she has made it a point to know my life details. Overall she is an amazing person through her entirety. I could not be more thankful to have her as my recruiter and as a friend. Medical Solutions should be thanking their lucky stars to have her on their team. She really could not be more of an asset and will be my recruiter of the year every year!!

    - RN

    Danielle is always on top of all if the requirements for all of the facilities. She is very helpful and professional whenever she has been guiding me through the process of each assignment. Her upbeat attitude and support help to make traveling to new places much easier.

    - RN

    Danielle is the absolute best! She is so sweet and kind, and makes me feel like she genuinely cares for me, because she does! She’s always on top of everything needed to make this a successful first travel assignment, she always calls to check in with me, and is always trying to call at the most convenient times for me (as I work night shift). She is so considerate and really makes me feel like a valued employee. She goes above and beyond, and has even stayed late just to help me with important matters. She’s knowledgeable about her job and the company and is such a blessing to me and my career. I’m so grateful for her, and will definitely contact her for my next travel assignment. She will bring your company to higher levels with her kindness and talents.

    - RN

    Danielle is amazing! She always has my best interest at heart. She is very personable, and checks in regularly. I have worked with her for several years, and she is the reason I choose to work for Medical Solutions. Thank you, Danielle!!

    - RN

    She is seriously amazing. She had made me feel so comfortable as a new traveler and had faith in finding my placement from the beginning when no other company would even look at me. I love my assignment and I have Danielle to thank for that!

    - RN

    She deserves to win because she is awesome!! When I was thinking about starting traveling, I talked to 5 different recruiters. Danielle was a friendly voice, she answered all my questions & she encouraged me to talk to other recruiters & Reminded me of questions I should ask them so I would have good information to make my final decisions. She checks in with me frequently & because of that I do not feel like I am 3000 miles away from home & alone. Over the last 6 months we have developed a friendship & because of her time & effort I feel like I am a part of the Medical Solutions family. Thank you Danielle & I look forward to working with you on future assignments.

    - RN

    Consistently supportive, positive, even inspiring. Danielle makes it easy to do a great job for Medical Solutions and its clients. She is ALWAYS available, understands the issues that travelers face (presumably due to her many years of experience- it shows), and will bend over backwards to make sure that we are happy. She is refreshingly honest, as well. I would not be able to do what I do were it not for her.

    - RN