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Valentine's Day 2013.
Don't mess with Texas!
Pumpkin pickin' 2012.
Super cute circa 2011.
Christmas Party 2012.
Halloween 2012.
Us in Estes.
Very special backpack cargo at Alberta Falls in Estes Park.
Easter 2013.
Beer Olympics.
They are my everything.
My beautiful family.
Young me on horseback.
My birthday, 1982.


Senior Career Consultant - Team Lead

The Dream is free but the hustle is sold separately.

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Hi, I’m Chris and I have been with Medical Solutions for nine years now. I was a military brat growing up, moving around the country and meeting new people. Adjusting to the cultural differences from location to location was both exciting and scary. But like travel nursing, it was very rewarding and helped me grow into the person I am today.

I’m motivated by two things in life, the love of my family and the happiness of those around me. For me there is nothing more amazing than the smiles I get from my children when they see me first thing in the morning, or when I catch a quick smile from my wife as we get through the chaos of our days. It’s those special moments in life that words can’t explain that I cherish the most. At the office, there is nothing more rewarding than getting a phone call from a nurse I work for and all they say is 'Thank you, everything is great.' When I talk with a nurse and all we cover is what they did on their days off means that I’m taking good care of them.

I look forward to working for you and learning about what you like to do on your days off.

My Interests

  • • Coaching my 8 year old daughters soccer team
  • • Golf
  • • Boston Red Sox
  • • University of Texas Longhorns
  • • Game of Thrones
  • • House of Cards
  • • Marvel Movies
  • Comments and Recommendations

    I have had the pleasure of working for Chris for the last few years. I have had wonderful interaction with him in work and as a good friend. Chris has an amazing way with people and is very easy to talk to. No matter what situation or issue I bring to him, he has the ability to smooth over the rough waters or give you insight to a problem where you are able to come away feeling either relief or understanding. When ever an RN comes to me about a travel company or assignment they are interested in, I point them in the direction of Medical Solutions and always tell them to contact Chris for further information. I love working with him. As well as being a good friend to me, he really cares a lot for the people that work with him.

    - Deirdre M., RN

    Chris was a fantastic recruiter on every level. He made sure that everything was explained and always looked out for my best interest. You couldn't ask for a better agency to work for. It was a pleasure from start to finish.

    - Kim M., RN

    Chris has provided me with a reliable, honest, and dedicated recruiter when working with Medical Solutions. I have never once felt that I was just another nurse. He has engaged me with interest in my life outside of work, shared with me about the goings of his in Omaha, all the while maintaining a level of acute professionalism that speaks loudly of his commitment to providing the best level of service in his profession. Having been referred to Chris by a friend when I first started traveling, without hesitation Chris is immediately the first recruiter that comes to mind when a colleague ask about traveling as a nurse.

    - Adam C., RN

    I've worked with Chris Wepfer as my recruiter for almost 3 years. Chris has the highest integrity, expert knowledge, and provides great results on all of my contracts to date. He is very personable, very punctual with anything that is required throughout the contract and assignment process, and always makes sure that I am well compensated. I have recommended Chris to other professionals with whom I have worked, and will continue to do so at every opportunity.

    - Ken E., RN

    Chris is a fantastic recruiter. I have enjoyed working with him and he is second to none. My needs are met and I always get prompt responses with any concerns. He gives me the best possible contracts in the field. I would highly recommend him.

    - Christina S., RN

    Chris is a very detail-oriented consultant. He worked diligently to get me everything I asked for. He was always available for anything I needed or had a problem with. Chris is a very organized and career minded consultant. He is an asset to Medical Solutions and will treat any traveling professional with the utmost respect and professionalism.

    - J.D. M., RN/BSN

    I couldn't ask for a better Career Consultant. Chris was in contact with me at all times making sure my job was going well and making sure I got my time sheet in so I would get paid. Chris is very professional and is very good at what he does.

    - Mark R., RN

    I have been a travel nurse for 4 years and have worked with many different agencies and recruiters. Chris Wepfer is by far and away the BEST recruiter I have ever had. He goes above and beyond to take care of me throughout each of my assignments and is ALWAYS available if I need anything. Weather it's a complex issue with work or simply to lend a well needed ear in which I can vent, I can always count on him. With Chris, I have never felt like just a number, as we travelers can certainly become once we sign that contract. He takes the time to listen to what I have to say and try to get me the assignments that will best fit MY needs rather than his own. I recommend Chris to any and all travel nurses everywhere. He is the best of the best; the way a recruiter should be.You're my hero, Chris!

    - Misty L., RN

    Chris is an efficient, trustworthy, hardworking Career Consultant who has gone out of his way to develop contacts that allowed me to meet my professional and personal goals. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone looking for a Career Consultant.

    - Linda H., Clinical Educator