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Me with my BF Ben
My lovebug Lola
She loves me... can't you tell?
Halloween fun with the family
Me and my beautiful sister in Ireland
goofing around at Casa Bonita (in CO)
Hiking in Colorado Springs
Me and my Bestie

Erin A

Career Consultant

“If Plan A didn't work, the alphabet has 25 more letters! Stay cool.”


I am a strong believer that life is meant to be lived! The world is a big place and it is meant to be explored. I consider myself adventurous and never turn down a challenge. I love meeting new people and discovering new places. I am a tom boy that loves to both watch and play sports but at the same time have a girlie girl side.

I am born and raised in Southern California and currently live in San Diego. I did get away for 2 years and moved to Denver Colorado. I loved being close to the Rockies but missed the ocean and had to move back. I have an adorable French bulldog named Lola that is still a puppy and a huge bundle of love. I never thought I was a dog person until I got her and now I find myself talking to her as if she were a real baby... it’s true I am that person.

Much like the nurses I work with, I have a passion for travel. I have explored so many wonderful places including; Italy, Ireland, England, Costa Rico, Mexico, Virgin Islands, and various locations throughout the US. I think it’s extremely important to get out there and live life. It’s exciting to see how others live and discovery new cultures. I am always looking for suggestions so send them my way.

I love what I do and am fortunate to work for such an amazing company. I have the opportunity to meet new friends every single day and call it work. I am excited to learn more about you!!

My Interests

  • • I love sports!! My favorite sport has to be football. I am a huge Chargers fan.
  • • I love being at the beach and being active outside whether its stand up a paddle boarding, hiking, swimming, bike riding, or playing volleyball.
  • • Travel
  • • Concerts (all music
  • Comments and Recommendations

    "Erin has been awesome. I was traveling with another company and she always kept in touch. She never called while I was sleeping, and she was respectful to give me space until I was ready to travel again. Since I started traveling she has checked on me and made sure it's been very easy to get my time card in without a hassle. She has been there every step of the way. She is the reason I chose medical solutions as the company to travel with."

    - Current Traveler

    “Erin Altman is my most wonderful recruiter! Totally love her!! Thanks Erin!

    - Rache Phillips

    Dear Kevin,

    My name is Tahny and I currently work as a travel nurse for Medical Solutions. I would like to take a few minutes and bore you with a little background story and hope that you will stick around to hear the life-changing ending.

    I will begin by saying that being a nurse is one of the most difficult occupations I have ever taken on and I have taken on plenty of jobs throughout my 16 years in the workforce. So difficult are the inner workings of nursing that after just two and a half years in the field I was ready to hangup the proverbial cap and call it quits. Fortunately, I found travel nursing which offered the reprieval that I needed - the love of traveling combined with a pretty nice pay raise. However, my initial traveling experience left a lot to be desired.

    I have worked with two different travel agencies and dealt with even more and every single one seem to possess the same shortcoming; poor service. The travel nursing conglomerate I once worked with used to give me the run-around whenever I had an issue with payroll, or even a simple question about a potential contract. I was left pressing ‘4’ and ‘0’ on my keypad for several hours and should I be lucky to get a human voice, no one seems to know what is going on. Needless to say, I was looking to find a more suitable business arrangement. That was around the time I received a referral from a fellow travel nurse about Erin Altman.

    At first I was really skeptical about the referral and thought to myself, “What can they possibly do different that can make me change my mind about travel nursing agencies”? Erin Altman made me change my mind about travel nursing agency. Since the very first time I spoke to Erin she made me feel confident that the partnership we are embarking on is not one that I am left to do alone. Every question was always answered promptly, every promise of action was made, and the most valued action of all - a follow-up call was made every week reminding me, “Hey, here I am. You’re not alone”. I’m sure I missed many more wonderful things that Erin does but the aforementioned are the ones that stand out the most.

    I am almost positive that Erin has many more travelers that she works with and I am not the only account she has but she has definitely made me feel like I am the only one. Erin is a hard worker - she has worked hard for me and for that I am extremely grateful and loyal to. Erin has made my traveling experience, thus far, a headache-free and an enjoyable one. I hope to have many more through this partnership.

    Thank you for your time.


    Utahny Tum

    - Utahny Tum- Current Traveler

    Good afternoon!

    I wanted to personally email you and let you know how amazing Erin Altman has been to me. And personally thank your company for the way you have shown you care about your nurses! I don't want to get into the ugly details but I was with one company for the last 2.5 years and I was treated so horribly.

    Long story short, Erin has been calling me every few months for the last two years. There were either no assignments I could do or I was in a contract already. She was persistent and told me if we could ever work together, it would be worth it! Haha! She was correct! Finally, it worked out and I'm on my first assignment with medical solutions. I can't tell you how wonderful she's been calling to check on me or work on issues. She is a great recruiter!

    Also thank you medical solutions for all you've done! I was never recognized for anything with my previous company including my birthday or nurses day! But I've been with your company for 6 weeks and I've already received a messenger bag with cards and a thank you note and a foot massager!

    To me, it a a big deal that your company pushes making sure we are happy and taken care of. Especially after the previous company treated me so bad. I only stayed because they had assignments.

    Thank you Medical Solutions and Erin Altman!

    Brookie White, RN, BSN

    - Brookie White- Current Traveler

    I just wanted you to know that last year when I first started traveling I was very discouraged due to the company I was working with. When I was referred to you from Denny Ferris I was hesitant as I was already let down by the other agency. Right away you were very personable listened to my needs and wants and found the job I was looking for. Not only have you met but you have exceeded my expectations from that point forward. If it wasn't for you I would have given up on traveling altogether. You are an amazing recruiter, an awesome person and someone that I am glad to call a friend. I appreciate and look forward to the weekly calls. Every time I meet a new traveler I tell them about you and how amazing you are and they should switch... I can't make them call but I can remind them they are missing out. I really want to say thank you for everything you have done and continue to do I couldn't ask for a better person then you to work with!!!!! I wish there was a way to nominate you to be recognized by all travel companies as to how an individual should interact with nurses along with representing their company!!!

    Dorita Cline

    - Dorita Cline-Current Traveler

    You are such a delight to work with. I look forward to many more assignments with you leading the way. You help me with my struggles, you keep my head on straight, and you are a rock star. Anytime I have any questions or have a problem at my assignment you have always had the right answers and the best solutions. I wished everyone would know how wonderful you are!
    Thank you so much Erin!

    - Current Traveler- Kevin