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Lynda G.

Career Consultant

I wanted to change the world. But I have found that the only thing one can be sure of changing is oneself.

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Hi, I’m Lynda. I’m a native “Omahan”. My inspiration in life is my parents and my children. I have four beautiful kids that have grown into amazing adults. I have to say they had a good influence! Family values are very important to me and I believe that makes me a strong person who has confidence and compassion.
I have been in the industry of helping people for my entire life. From working at our family restaurants as a child till now. I believe that I am one to listen and learn. We all have a story and we all want to tell it. So, part of my passion is hearing about others and their adventures in life. I will look forward to hearing your stories and living vicariously through your travels.

My Interests

  • • I have been an avid “Soccer Mom” for years
  • • Walking my dog Sophie
  • • Hanging out with my kids, friends and my family……I’m the “Fun” Aunt!!
  • • Water skiing, snow skiing, hiking
  • • Puzzles
  • • Traveling
  • Comments and Recommendations

    Testimonials from current RN's/ techs working for me:

    Lynda has been awesome from the moment I first spoke with her. She’s always checking in and making sure things are going smoothly, and looking out for the best assignments for me. She even offered to let me stay with her as I was driving across the country if I needed to. She’s the best!

    Lynda deserves to win recruiter of the year because she has a unique skill that I have only encountered once in my whole life. She is the only person other than my Mother that patiently puts up with me and my crap! Lol... But honestly she is very knowledgeable and compassionate about her work and it's that knowledge and compassion that keeps me coming back to medical solutions. I'm sure all of your recruiters are just as professional and well trained however Lynda stands out to me because even though I have never met her in person I respect her and truly want the best for her because that\'s all she has ever shown me over the years.

    I have a million reasons as to why I believe Lynda believes to win Recruiter of the Year 2017, but I'll keep it to just a few for time sake. :) Lynda is more than just a recruiter to me. She is my friend, my biggest supporter, my laugh after a long day, and my travel momma. Lynda not only looked after me and made sure I was taken care of, but it was also apparent she only wanted what was best for me. She never let me settle for less than what I deserved. She helped me strive to find the best assignments in the most awesome cities. Lynda was an amazing friend to me as well, even though it's not in her job description. She was someone who always knew how to provide me with some comic relief after a long day at work. She has such an optimistic, contagious personality and that's my favorite part about her! Medical Solutions, you have my loyalty because of Lynda. THANK YOU! :)

    She works tirelessly to help me find the right contact. (Especially since my contract to Allentown was cancelled). She answers my questions NO MATTER the time or day. (Including weekends and evenings. She is always positive. I am a real person to her. She is the face of your company that I hear in the phone and she is great !!!!!!!

    She found me a CCT job, other agencies said they couldn’t fine any. Not only that, she arranged an extension to the 13 Wk contract. I’ve done many contracts for many agencies, working with very competent recruiters, but none as good as Lynda.

    My recruiter, Lynda, is awesome because she is always on top of her game. I consider myself a difficult client because I have a lot of requests, but she will find the best one that fits my need. She always check on me to see if everything goes well with my assignment. I am lucky to have her as my recruiter.

    Lynda is not only a great career consultant but a great person. She really gives a piece of herself, and it makes you feel like you are really party of a company that is there for you. She made herself available for me, and went above and beyond to make assignments work when I had personal issues going on. She was continuously checking in to make sure I had everything I needed to have a good experience with each assignment. She was an advocate for me when I needed an advocate and a listening ear when I needed someone to vent to. I rave and recommend anyone I know who wants to travel or is traveling to her!

    I truly think that Lynda is the greatest! I have talked with other travelers and don't think they have any where near the positive experience with their recruiters. Lynda was there for me since the beginning and through every hiccup since then. She is always ready to help me is a problem arises and takes the time to check in when every thing is going well. Best of all, she lets me be me, helping when I need it but no pressure. She makes me laugh. She follows through on things and is very prompt at getting back to me, respecting my sleep time( which is super important for a night nurse). I really believe that she is working for my benefit as well as the company.
    Thanks, Lynda!!

    She's the best! Always there when you need her, cares about each person on her team individually. Not just about weather things are going well at work but also on a more personal level! She makes sure everything is done in a timely manner and get down to the answers! I recommend her to all my friends and will continue to do so!

    To me, Lynda Gelecki is the "top dog". From the very start, she roped me in. I contacted her accidentally. I was trying to reach a recruiter from another company that had not answered me. When she realized my error, she laughed and told me she was not going to let me go. This is my first experience as a travel nurse. Lynda is always on top of things.

    To me, Lynda Gelecki is the "top dog". From the very start, she roped me in. I contacted her "accidently". I was trying to reach a recruiter from another company that had not answered me. When she realized my error, she laughed and told me she "was not going to let me go". This is my first experience as a travel nurse. Lynda is always "on top" of things.
    I know that if I NEED her, she is available 24 hours a day. How do I know that? On my way to this assignment, I hit black ice on a highway in Idaho. (on a Sunday morning, 12/11/16) I was in shock and upset because I had totaled my brother's camper. She was my first person to call. She ensured that I was OK and taken care of. She followed up with me, made last minute housing arrangements, and continued to follow up with me through Day 1 of new assignment. This is only one example of the wonderful career consultant that you have in this one person.

    Lynda is warm and friendly. She feels more like an old friend. She deserves recognition for her tireless hard work and dedication. She is a great representative for your company. I am so thankful for her. I know that she has my back and I am free to be out here "doing my nurse thing".

    Fist she puts up with me. lol

    She is always kind and concerned about my health and happiness. Not all companies have the people working for them that actually care about the nurses that work and things that go on in they're family's every day life. Lynda is one, I've had flu, accident and family emergency and she's called to keep check, not everyone cares.
    This has been my first time traveling and Lynda has made this the best experience for me. She has made sure I'm comfortable with things every chance she gets. At times she just calls me just to check on me if it's been a while since she's talked to me. I have had some challenges personally during this time and Lynda has always checked on me and has even sent me a get well card and gift cards to help lift my spirits I think she's awesome and I've told anyone who even considers traveling that they need to call her. I appreciate this woman so much more than she will ever know.

    She was very helpful during my first time traveling away from home, and very kind.

    - Current Travelers