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At my sister's wedding with my adorable niece
Niece and I in Chicago
Lake 22 Hike - Seattle, WA
Hiking in Orange County, CA
Hiking in Arizona
Riviera Maya
Napa Valley
Napa Valley
Cabo San Lucas - Summer 2014
Sister and niece - Thanksgiving 2014
Halloween in Chicago
My niece, Regan, and I

Lindsay L.

Career Consultant

Travel as much as you can. As far as you can. As long as you can. Life is not meant to be lived in one place.

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Hi everyone! My name is Lindsay, and I have about 6 years of recruiting experience. I pride myself on quick communication, honest feedback, and the ability to create long lasting relationships and friendships with my nurses. It’s truly rewarding to help someone conquer their personal and professional goals in life.

In my free time, I love to travel. Therefore, I am always living vicariously through my travelers! :) Some of my fave destinations are Cabo, Riviera Maya, Napa Valley in California, and New York City. I traded the “Windy City” for the “Good Life” – relocating from Chicago, IL to Omaha, NE about four years ago. While I will greatly miss that gorgeous city, my family and friends are all in Omaha.

Most recently, I adopted a spunky rescue puppy who is 6 months old. She keeps me VERY busy, but I love being a Dog Mom. I love hanging out with my 10 year old niece, Regan. You will also find me spending time in the gym or yoga studio, rooting on the Iowa Hawkeyes and all Chicago sports teams, boating, listening to live music, and enjoying the occasional glass of red wine. :)

I look forward to meeting you soon and exploring your next travel destination!

My Interests

  • • Anything active - Yoga, HIIT, Weightlifting, Barre
  • • All the dogs
  • • Spending time with friends and family
  • • Traveling often
  • • Health and fitness
  • • Red wine
  • • Hiking
  • • Being outdoors
  • • College Football
  • Comments and Recommendations

    Lindsay Levi is one of the best Career Consultants I have worked with. She works very hard on finding the position you are looking for. She always answers any questions you have and if she doesn't know will find out for you and she always returns your calls. She has a great personality and is easy to work with. I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in traveling to contact her. She is one of the BEST!!!!!!!

    - Barbara W.

    You care about me…my needs, safety, adjustment to the facility, and in general if I am enjoying myself. You always stay in touch by phone, text or email, keeping the lines of communication open. Your personality is sweet, upbeat and genuine…always a pleasure talking with you. You do your job well Lindsay, and I look forward to working with you in my future assignments!!

    - Jean J.

    I honestly cannot even begin to explain how great a recruiter, and person, Lindsay is. When I started traveling I was initially very skittish as it seemed, and was, a huge change in my life. In fact, prior to Lindsay I had plans to travel with another company//recruiter. However, after a few weeks with that recruiter I got a very bad feeling, everything felt very rushed, forced, and shady. My time with Lindsay could not have been more different. Along each step of the way, from finding a job, to my time during the assignment, and finally through the end of the assignment, Lindsay was attentive, knowledgeable, and a generally supportive person in my life. And it doesn't stop there!

    When I first started looking for a travel assignment, I had very specific criteria about where I wanted to go. Lindsay never once tried to dissuade me or judge me for my choices. She immediately began working towards my goals, and although nothing came of it, it was extremely evident from our conversations that she went above and beyond the call of duty for me. And honestly, that quality//her work ethic is apparent in almost everything she does.

    Whenever I have a problem, she does not hesitate in finding a solution. She routinely checks up on me, just making sure that I'm happy with my assignment, the location, and general life stuff. Lastly, she's an overall great person to have your back and you can feel that the moment you have your first conversation with her. I can confidently say that although my experience with Medical Solutions has been a pleasant one, if she were to change agencies, I'd follow right after her.

    - Max G. - Tele RN

    Lindsay is the best! When I started travel nursing I was with a different recruiter with a different company but was not loving it... Lindsay reached out to me and everything has been much better! I know that Lindsay is always there for me with any questions I may have or needs that may come up! She is very pleasant and caring! I recommend her to anyone even interested in the travel industry! She is truly so great!

    - Morgan S. - Med Tele RN

    I have been traveling now for two and a half years and Lindsay has been my friend and a fantastic recruiter. When I am ready to look for an assignment, she stays on it until I find one and that can be difficult sometimes because I have certain criteria that I want and don't want in an assignment. She is prompt in getting back to me, very organized, always pleasant, checks in with me to see if I need anything and always remembers my birthday and sends a little surprise which I truly appreciate. She knows her job well and is always willing to go the extra mile...she truly cares. I am very lucky to have her as my recruiter and I highly recommend Lindsay...she is awesome!!!

    - Jean J. - CST

    Lindsay has always helped me get to the location I want to go. From Maui back to my hometown in Wisconsin she has made sure I was comfortable and had what I needed. Even helped me get my insurance quickly when I needed to see urgent care for a sinus infection.

    Although she roots for Chicago teams and I'm a packer and brewers fan, I still love her 🙂

    - Jenna R. - ER RN

    Lindsay is a wonderful recruiter. Not only do I consider a great recruiter, but I consider a friend as well! She is always available when I need her, day or night. For my first assignment she held my hand throughout the process and when I had my doubts she was always there to reassure me that it will be great. Lindsay has my best interest at heart, she always finds me an assignment in a city I want to go to! Thanks Lindsay for being you!

    - Janelle N. - OR RN

    Lindsay has been my recruiter for nearly a year. I can't say enough good things about this sweet lady! Lindsay held my hand on my very first travel assignment as I went back and forth, changing my mind no less than 100 times. Lindsay has always been there for me.....she is always available, prompt and always follows up on any questions. If you are looking for a great recruiter, one who will go above and beyond for you, I highly recommend Lindsay Levi!

    - Cathy - CVICU RN

    I worked with Lindsay on my very first travel assignment which I am currently in week 2. She was VERY helpful in answering all my questions, and there was A LOT, she exudes excitement in the world of opportunist. She stayed in contact with me regularly for several months while looking for my first assignment when other recruiters did not. She is very friendly, seems very organized in her work and I would highly recommend her to anyone new to traveling or a veteran. She is simply awesome and I for one am enjoying working with her!!

    - Rickie C. - Med Tele RN

    Lindsay is the best! When I first decided I wanted to travel I was so nervous, but working with Lindsay put my mind at ease. She is organized, quick to respond to my emails, calls, and texts, and she is very knowledgeable about the whole process! You can tell that she really cares about her travelers and she works so hard to keep them happy! I would recommend everyone to Lindsay!

    - Chelsea U. - L&D RN

    Lindsay is a great recruiter. I've had other recruiters before and she is hands down the best. Always accessible and very personable. She stays on top of the big things but it's also the little things that impress me about her. Things like wishing you a happy birthday, checking in to say she appreciates what you do, and just having a genuine personality. A good relationship with your recruiter means the world when your a traveler and I'm glad to have Lindsay as mine.

    - Alex G. - ICU RN

    Lindsay has been awesome since day 1! I am on my first travel assignment now and she has been so helpful along the way. She is VERY organized and always on top of things! One of the things I really appreciate about her is that she ALWAYS responds very quickly to any questions, most of the times it is within a few hours! She is so friendly and very personable which makes starting something new very reassuring! She is hard-working and I am so happy I have her as my recruiter! :)

    - Ashley M. - Med Surg RN

    I am starting my second travel assignment in two weeks. We are blessed to have Lindsay as a recruiter, She has gone above and beyond. I find much comfort knowing that not only Medical Solutions but mostly Lindsay has my best interest at heart. Thank you !!

    - Dana S. - Tele RN

    Lindsay is absolutely wonderful. I am new to traveling and Lindsay got me my first assignment last April. She made sure everything was ready when I arrived at my destination and went above and beyond to accommodate my two large dogs. Being my first assignment there were a couple of times when I needed some reassurance and Lindsay was always available to talk to when I needed a friend. Upon completion of this assignment, I needed to take some time off to help my father and when I was ready to go back to work, Lindsay had me an interview and offer within two days. I'm leaving for my second assignment tomorrow and can leave with the confidence that someone has my back.

    - Joy C. - Ultrasound Tech

    Lindsay has been on top of her game since day 1! When I knew very little about travel nursing, she was able to answer all of my questions with ease. With being new to the idea of travel nursing and wanting to stay relatively closer to home for the first assignment, Lindsay was full of options for me to choose from. Before anything was finalized she made sure I was going to be comfortable in the area I would be traveling to and again answered any questions I had. She has been absolutely amazing from the beginning and continues to make sure everything runs as smooth as possible. Having Lindsay as my recruiter has made the process before, during, and after each assignment a breeze. I am just about to begin my third assignment and I can't imagine working with another recruiter as determined, motivated, and all around as fantastic as Lindsay!

    - Lindsay P - Med Surg RN