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He has the BEST hair. A windy day in Nebraska
God Bless America:)
She's basically a human :)
One of my favorite places EVER! A bed and breakfast in Idaho Springs, CO. Quite and beautiful.
My handsome husband, Dave, and our puppy, Olive.
My family - Bless my dad's heart -THREE girls!!
Laughing is my favorite.
I mustache you a question. Would you like to work with ME?
Chicago Human Statue -- I LOVE Chicago!
A girl's best accessory is her girlfriends.

Ashley K.

Career Consultant

If you want to be happy, then be.

Refer Friends to Ashley K.


I live life to the fullest. I love to laugh and will do anything to make others laugh. I am truly blessed!

When I started recruiting nurses in 2003, I had no idea this would be the start of a career that I would absolutely love! I’ve learned so much through the years and have added many states to my bucket list for travel! I live vicariously through my travelers, as I sit at my desk in Omaha, NE. :) I have met so many amazing people through the process, and now can say I've got friends in almost every state! I worked very hard throughout the rough years and the hard times, and am going to continue the hard work to ensure you are taken care of. The reason for my success in this crazy industry is relationships. I am honest, persistent and follow through on my promises. I’m very focused but I laugh a lot! I think attitude is the best medicine! I’m the youngest of 3 girls, and I’m very close to my family. My husband and I had our first child in June 2017, and we are head over heels! Watching life through a child's eyes is one of my favorite things. We also have a mini golden doodle, Olive, who thinks she is a human, and I would agree. The unconditional love that pets can give is something I learned later in life, but I am sure glad I did! I hope this helps you understand my passion for life and how it spills over into building relationships in my career.

My Interests

  • • Family
  • • Concerts
  • • Happy Hour
  • • Home projects
  • • Humor
  • • Family
  • • Dancing
  • • Country Music
  • Comments and Recommendations

    Even as a relatively new RN traveler, I now know what it means when others say "It's all about your recruiter". I am not even a year into my travel adventure, but I was immediately drawn to Medical Solutions because of Ashley. I have submitted my profile/application to numerous other travel companies but Ashley was one of the first recruiters that took the time to get to know me a little. Not only did she note my professional nursing motivations but she REALLY wanted to know what my personal interests were and why I wanted to travel. And when I have had issues or concerns with my assignment, she has always responded to my calls, emails, or texts...within the day! Ashley is quite the professional...glad she's in my corner. It might sound strange...but she's like a friend I've never met!

    - John A. – ICU RN

    From the beginning, Ashley has been more to me than just my recruiter, she has been my friend. There are times that I talk to her more in one week than I talk to some of my closest friends. One thing that is important for a nurse/recruiter relationship is having a recruiter that you can trust. You have to keep in mind that ultimately this person has your livelihood in their hands. They are the ones that work endlessly to find you a job, make sure that the job with will suite your personality and skills, actually submit you to a job, and then anxiously wait with you for your interview. I trust Ashley more than ever, she is true to her word and I have never been disappointed with the timeline of submitting for a job that she lays out for me. She is honest with me when she thinks that I would be bored with a certain job or area or when she thinks that I need to submit my resume to a job.

    - Allison C. - ICU RN

    So far everyone has been very helpful, especially Ashley Klein & her team.

    - Barb Z. - OR RN

    Thanks for the opportunity to travel and my Recruiter Ashley Klein is one of the best...hang on to her. I’ve worked with her for 8 years!

    - Wendy K. - OR RN

    She is very personable, reliable, and has made my travel assignment a great start. It was important to me to have a great recruiter and I know I have one. I cannot say enough good things about Ashley. You can really tell she is a hard worker and loves what she does. That is what you want in a person that is in charge of sending you somewhere that you don't know anyone. I have referred many of my friends to her because I want everyone to have the best experience possible with travel nursing. I look forward to many more assignments with Ashley and Medical Solutions.

    - Ashlee M - ER RN

    As someone who has a few assignments under her belt I can say without a doubt that she has made me feel more at ease than any other recruiter I have worked with. She stays in touch and let's you know what is going on every step of the way so you are not just sitting by the phone all day waiting and waiting. Not only does she keep in touch when you are getting an assignment going but she keeps in touch as you are on your assignment. She really gets a feel for the place you work and environment you are working in, which I love, because I know if I am interested in a certain location that she has sent someone before she will be able to tell me what they thought of the facility, and place in general

    - Kimberly A. - L&D RN

    Ashley is the best recruiter ever. She is available when I've needed help with work related problems/concerns or just needed a friend. She works hard to make sure I get the best jobs that are right for me at the time. She doesn't just drop you after you are locked in with the company. She makes you as much a priority as you were in the beginning. The small percent of time Ashley could not help immediately, her co-workers did not hesitate to pitch in and help out. Thanks Medical Solutions team.

    - Regina B. - RN

    My Recruiter is always looking out for me and giving me what I am looking for in a new job.

    - Jasmine B. - ICU RN

    The support for each assignment is outstanding.

    - Robert H. - ICU/ER RN