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Bill T.

Career Consultant

Put love in whatever you do, then enjoy the results

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Enjoying life is my thing! I’m completely immersed in the areas I’m most passionate about — my family (shown in photos), my church, and my work. This is who I am.

My hobbies include hiking and visiting new places with my family, and, come winter, we are all consumed with skiing and snowboarding. Wood working is another passion of mine — in fact, if you want to learn more about me, just ask about the garden shed or fire table I built at home, or the awesome gaga ball pit and benches I built as part of a community project.

If you’re familiar with “servant leadership,” that’s exactly how I operate at home, work, and throughout life in general. With the nurses I have the pleasure of serving, I will help you minimize the stress and maximize the fun with every assignment!

If you feel we’re a match, please call or email me — I’d love to meet you and learn more about your personal and professional passions and goals. And, if you think I could be helpful for any of your nurse friends and colleagues, please be sure to tell me about them so I have a basis for reaching out and helping them, too.

My Interests

  • • Family Adventures
  • • Church & Fellowship
  • • Volunteer for all sorts of things
  • • Building things such as a fire table, saw table, remodel bathroom, etc.
  • • Skiing and Snowboarding
  • • Hiking