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somewhere in Santiago, Chile
Roadside Empanada Shack-Valparaiso, Chile
@ Kanta Elephant Sanctuary-Thailand
@ one of our favorite spots in Laos
Hollywood Hills
Red Rocks Amphitheatre - many concerts have been seen here!
one of my favorite places, The Brooklyn Bridge NYC
Walking the streets of Amterdam, 2019
Swiss Alps airbnb view 2019
Italian cabin entertainment
Sisters-Northern Italy - airbnb Farm Animals 2019
Sisters-Downtown Ljubljana, Slovenia 2019
Slovenia Summer 2019 - Balkovec, plural
Sunday Funday
South New Zealand, 2017
Pancake Rocks-New Zealand, 2017
A little bit of my cooking
Denver Gardens
Mount Evans, Colorado

Stephanie Balkovec

Nurse-Voted Recruiter of the Year 2014 & 2016

Grit (noun) courage, bravery, backbone, spirit, strength of character, strength of will, moral fiber, fortitude, toughness, hardiness, resolve, resolution, determination, tenacity, perseverance, endurance, guts, spunk

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3 years ago I relocated from Omaha, NE to Denver, CO & hope to experience life in a few more places before settling down..if there is such a thing! June 2019 marked my 9th year recruiting. I am a complete busy-body, over-achiever and workaholic, so this job suits me perfectly and I'm never bored. The most fulfilling part of my job is to live vicariously through you-I am absolutely, positively envious in the best way of the exploration, adventure and self reinvention that takes place in traveling healthcare. I am a true believer of this industry and think everyone should experience it if able.

I view the recruiter-nurse relationship as a partnership above all else and like to treat it as such. My style is direct and honest; with a sense of urgency to find you a job, solve your problem, and answer your question. Lastly, I am overly transparent and good on my word always.

I love working with like-minded, hard-working, honest, loyal people that want a solid & experienced partner in this business.

My Interests

  • • Cooking & New Restaurants
  • • Pursuing Masters of Integrative Nutrition
  • • Animal Lover-Have 2 calico kitties
  • • Visited Thailand, Laos, New Zealand, Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy, Slovenia & Croatia
  • • Strength Training & Yoga
  • • Happy Hours & Craft Cocktails
  • Comments and Recommendations

    I hear from many different companies and recruiters. I am very "picky" and at times difficult to please. Stephanie is the one that CONSISTENTLY, almost daily, presents different opportunities for me without giving up.

    - Adorey

    Stephanie is wonderful. She goes above and beyond to make sure you are happy. She's even called/emailed while I'm not on assignment just to check in and make sure everything is going well.

    - Anonymous

    Stephanie works hard at making the contract connections, has excellent follow-thru in getting us on the road, and is always ready to help if it's needed. She even stays in touch when we're between contracts!

    - Anonymous

    Stephanie really stepped up and helped to pull off a miracle for me, after I was traumatized by another travel nurse company. She believed in me, got it done, and was able to provide me with an assignment that started within two weeks. I really appreciate her straight forward manner, and her compassion and efficiency.

    - Rita

    She is not only top dog, she is my Pit Bull. She has been there for me the last 2 years, through thick and thin. Her friendship and support has kept me with Medical Solutions for almost 2 years. I have not stayed with anyone that long. I do feel as though she is my friend and that she has my back. Smoooch, Steph!

    - Sharon

    Stephanie is ALWAYS on top of things, and she is one of the quickest people to respond to my emails EVER! If there's an opening out there for me, she is almost always the first recruiter to let us know. She's delightful and smarter than the average bear! I'll take her as my recruiter any day of the week! Thanks Stephanie, for being the very best!

    - Anonymous

    I nominate Stephanie for recruiter of the year because she is ALWAYS positive and willing to help me even when I have asked her a million questions. She is quick to return an email or test and always gets the job done. She treats me well and has my back!! She keeps me on track and is always polite when she sends a reminder about something.. I couldn't imagine a recruiter doing a better job than her!!!

    - Anonymous

    I KNOW Steph truly cares about me as a person. She is honest and sweet. She is thoughtful. When I first started she would talk to me for over an hour just reassuring me everything would be okay. I couldn't ask for a better recruiter! She shares herself with me, so she's not just a coworker, she almost feels like a friend. She promptly answers my many questions. She thanks me and praises me when I work hard. She encourages me all the time. Calls just to check up on me and make sure I'm not too lonely. I could say more but I have 100 words. She's the best and deserves the award!

    - Anonymous

    Reliable and straightforward. Excellent recruiter, immediate response to concerns.

    - Anonymous

    Stephanie B-couldn't ask for anyone any better

    - Anonymous

    Recruiter is honest and hard working, very good experiences and good resources.

    - Anonymous

    I feel that my recruiter is incredibly easy to get a hold of whenever I need her. She does a GREAT job of listening to what I desire in a hospital and finds me exactly that!

    - Anonymous

    With issues that arose, I did not feel like I was on my own and a solution was reached with no interruptions. To me that makes the difference, they had my back.

    - Rachelle

    Very responsive and professional recruiter

    - Anonymous

    She is great to work with, excellent communication, always helpful when I need something or have a question. I'v worked with on other travel company but wont go back

    - Anonymous

    My recruiter is everything! Makes it so easy for me!!

    - Anonymous

    My recruiter has been amazing, super helpful and always there when I have questions and willing and ready to work with me.

    - Anonymous

    My recruiter Stephanie Balkovec. She's incredible. Always there when I have questions and goes the extra mile to help me get everything I need.

    - Mary

    My recruiter Stephanie. She is always on top of things & makes sure everything is going well during and in between assignments.

    - Christy