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The best recruiters tend to also become your new bestie!

How to Build a Great Recruiter Relationship

Finding a solid travel nurse recruiter and forging an a great relationship with him or her is the number one thing you can do to ensure your success in travel nursing. A great recruiter relationship paves the way for you to get awesome jobs and endless support from someone who will be your ally before, during, and after every assignment.

On this page we'll share some tips for how to establish a great partnership with your recruiter, but first, check out this quick video to see how NOT to build a great recruiter relationship.

Come on now, voodoo is never the answer!

It's an exaggerated situation, of course, but just to make sure that you never get the urge to use needles in this non-clinical manner, here are a few tips for how to build a great relationship with your recruiter.

Start With a Good Foundation

Right off the bat you will want to seek out a recruiter who has experience, industry knowledge, and great testimonials from other Travelers. But beyond that, like any relationship, it helps to be with someone you are compatible with. Finding a recruiter that communicates in the same way you do and that you just “click ” with will go a long way in building a great relationship — which correlates directly with your career success.

Medical Solutions offers a great resource in our Career Consultant Gallery, which allows Travelers to meet our team. If you're a new Traveler and haven't yet been paired with your Career Consultant, click around and get know this lovely bunch of folks. You can read a personal message from them, testimonials from other Travelers, learn about their interests, families, and pets, as well as view a brief video introduction and more photos of them. If you're already matched up with a Career Consultant, click on that person's profile to get to know more about your first mate on the Good Ship Travel Nurse.

Be Prepared

Traveler-Recruiter relationships are strongest when two individuals work as a team to achieve their common goal (getting you placed in awesome assignments!). You can do your part by keeping your documents organized and current, including any sort of HR/hire paperwork, licenses, certifications, and references. Medical Solutions Travelers can keep all of their documents filed and up-to-date at their unique employee portal at It's a one-stop shop for managing all of your work related information, and just another great resource we provide our Travelers.

Let Honesty Flow Both Ways

You want your recruiter to be upfront with you at every turn so things run smoothly. So, of course you should be completely open, honest, and forthcoming with them too! Recruiters are best equipped to help you shape an awesome career in Travel Nursing when they know exactly what your goals, needs, and desires are. Tell them everything, and they will do everything they can to help you and match you with jobs that are most suited to you.

Ask Questions

Never leave a question unasked. If you wonder about or don't understand something, go to your recruiter and ask him or her. A major part of their job is to act as a resource for you and to help you navigate the healthcare travel industry. There are no stupid questions, and a great recruiter will welcome any curiosities you may have and do their best to explain everything in detail.

Check out these other How Not to Videos to learn what to do!

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