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How to Make Housing Requests

The housing you have throughout a travel nurse job is a very important factor in your overall happiness with the assignment. So, if you take housing through your travel nurse company, it is essential that you clearly communicate your needs while also being realistic about what's within their power to provide.

On this page we'll share some tips for making housing requests, but first, check out this quick video to see how NOT to make housing requests.

Just imagine: All the green M&Ms and feet-tickling carpet your heart desires … or, you know, having your more, shall we say, mainstream requests fulfilled by your travel agency.

Luckily, Medical Solutions totally understands how important it is for you to have a safe, comfortable, well-equipped home that satisfies your needs while you're on assignment with us. We do everything reasonably within our power to make sure you have a happy home, so you have a great place to relax and recharge while off the clock.

The best approach to getting what you want in your housing is to be super open and communicative with your recruiter and agency's housing department. Every now and then there may some requests that can't be met for reasons beyond our control, but we always do everything we can to give you a home, sweet home on the road. Here are a few tips for how to make housing requests:

Furnishings and Utilities

It is totally reasonable that agency-paid housing should be private and fully furnished. You don't want to be lugging around pots, pans, cutlery, shower curtains, futons, televisions, couches, window coverings, your kitchen sink … you get the idea! Your agency provided housing should allow you to move in bringing just your clothing and personal items.

You should also request that your new home is utilities-ready. Depending upon your area this can include gas, water, electricity, sewer, and trash — which should be set up and covered by your company. Some agencies will even pay towards your phone and cable bills.

Pet Friendly

The right company will understand how important it is for you to be able to bring your pets on assignment. If traveling with your animal(s) is important to you make sure you sign on with a pet friendly company that will find you pet friendly housing and often even cover your pet deposits.

The Right Size

The majority of nurses travel solo, but there are many more that travel with a spouse or significant other or even children. It is totally reasonable to ask for the right space to accommodate any family traveling with you. But, of course, you wouldn't invite Aunt Edna or your 5 precious nephews along to stay — that's what Skype is for!

Comfort and Safety

While it might be unreasonable to demand a 90210 zip code, you should definitely feel comfortable and safe in your housing. If you have any reservations you should contact your recruiter and/or housing department. They want you to be satisfied, so make sure you communicate with them. Also, many companies will re-use housing in the future, especially in larger cities or highly frequented areas; so reporting any safety or comfort issues is also helpful to future Travelers and your agency.

Special Requests

There are all kinds of requests you might have in mind, but some more standard special requests include a garage or off-street parking, bed size, the floor level of your unit, and certain reasonable amenities. If you're unsure if a request is doable, just ask!

Check out these other How Not to Videos to learn what to do!

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