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February 2014 Travel Nurse Newsletter

Share your Travel Nursing Videos!

We'd like to introduce you to Medical Solutions Traveler, Kyle L., who has been posting some helpful videos on his YouTube channel Travel Nursing. Kyle's Career Consultant Mark B. let us know about his video posts and we were humbled that he is such a Medical Solutions fan.

We also think what he's doing is downright cool — providing a video resource for all Travel Nurses. Kyle says when he first started researching Travel Nursing he found mainly written resources. While blogs and other written resources are super helpful for aspiring Travelers, Kyle thought it would be neat to do his own video journal that would document the life of a Travel Nurse and help answer questions about salary, finding jobs, housing, travel and recreation tips for certain locations.

Check out Kyle's introduction video below, and then we'd like to invite you to get in on the fun too!

Do you have a video to share? Some piece of sage wisdom to share with your fellow Travel Nurses? An excellent adventure worth showing everyone?

Shoot a quick video about anything related to Travel Nursing — from contracts to kayaking, salary to sunbathing — then upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo and email us the link. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing your knowledge with fellow and aspiring Travelers. Places everybody …. annnnd … ACTION!

Wouldn't a Bonus Be Nice?

As we welcome February, many of us are still paying off December's Christmas gifts, January's new gym memberships, and winter's high heating bills (thanks, polar vortex!). So wouldn't it be nice to have some extra money come your way?

Luckily, you can put a little extra padding in your wallet with Medical Solutions' Loyalty and Referral Bonus Programs.We are continuing our Loyalty Program in 2014, allowing all of our Travelers the chance to earn an extra $600 for every 600 hours worked with us. Another great thing about this program is that there is nothing for you to register for or keep track of. We automatically tally all eligible hours worked, and when you hit 600 hours you'll be paid a $600 bonus. Then, the clock starts over and when you hit another 600 hours you get another $600! And so on …

Click here for full details on the Loyalty Program.

Our Referral Program is another great opportunity to earn some extra cash and help get your friends working with a great Travel Nurse company. Plus, you can refer as many people as you like and you don't even have to be a Medical Solutions employee to refer someone and claim the bonus! For every successful referral you send us — that's a nurse who signs a contract with Medical Solutions and works at least 30 days — you'll get $500, a laptop, or a $500 Apple gift card. Click here for full details on the Referral Program.

Remember, both the Loyalty Program and Referral Program allow you to earn multiple bonuses. There is no limit on how many times you can earn either of them!

Medical Solution's Traveler of the Year

Time Magazine may have its Person of the Year, but at Medical Solutions we like to celebrate our Traveler of the Year. This person was chosen from a very talented pool of Travelers who won Traveler of the Month during 2013.Without further ado, we'd like to announce and congratulate our 2013 Traveler of the Year …Roseanna C.! She won the Traveler of the Month title for October 2013 and was awarded a $100 Visa gift card for that accomplishment, as all Traveler of the Month winners are. Now, for her Traveler of Year title she won a new iPad and even bigger bragging rights.Roseanna has been in nursing for 30 years (wow!) and has traveled on and off, all across the United States, since 2000.Read more

Clinical Corner: COWs, and WOWs, and HIPAA! Oh My!

by Joe Bryowsky RN, CCRN Clinical Manager

Many hospitals are increasingly using COWs (computers on wheels) or WOWs (workstations on wheels) these days. (By the way, I'm told that use of the name COWs is considered politically incorrect these days, but we still call them that at the hospital I currently work at. Therefore I apologize in advance to any PCs out there on a wheeled work station that may take offense to this. J, but I digress … )

This is good for nurses in that we can spend less time (and energy) running back and forth to the nurses' station to chart, and more time taking excellent care of our patients. There is a potential downside to this convenience, though. Having COWs or WOWs either in patient's rooms or in the hallways also opens up a huge potential for theft of information as well as HIPAA violations. This can manifest in many different ways such as not logging off or “locking ” the computer when leaving the area, people walking by, etc.

So how can we protect patient information as well as ourselves from this threat?

Read More

“I love the adventure and challenge of travel nursing! I enjoy exploring a new city and seeing what each state has to offer.”
-Laura B.

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