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May 2014 Travel Nurse Newsletter

Happy Nurses Week!

At Medical Solutions we embrace every possible chance to honor and celebrate our Travelers and hard-working nurses all over. Because of that, Nurses Week is always a REALLY BIG DEAL around here.

The annual week-long observation of Nurses Week is every year from May 6-12, ending on Florence Nightingale's birthday.

This year as we started brainstorming for ideas to honor, celebrate, entertain, and reward our Travelers during Nurses Week, we realized that the one person we should really be asking was YOU. So, through social media and survey, we asked you, other nurses, and Medical Solutions Travelers how they would to celebrate.

We wish we could shower you with extra PTO and vacations (these were replies we heard a couple times!) … but beyond that here is the slate of activities based upon your feedback for YOUR Nurses Week… Read More.

Happy Nurses Week! And thanks so very much for everything you do!
We didn't forget about our Allied and Tech Travelers! Keep an eye out in November for your celebration!

Third Annual Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship

As part of Medical Solutions' annual celebration of Nurses Week, we happily present the third annual Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship competition! In order to ensure excellent patient care for future generations, and to help offset the nursing shortage, it is crucial that the nurses, nurse leaders, and nurse educators of tomorrow are getting excellent education and training today. Through the Nurses of Tomorrow scholarship, three lucky winners will each receive $1000 to put towards their educational costs.

The contest runs from May 6 (starting at midnight CST) to June 6 (ending at 11:59 p.m. CST). Applicants should be enrolled full time and in good academic standing, with a GPA of 2.75 or more.

This year's essay question for the contest is: What will you do as a nurse to ensure you always provide exceptional patient care?

If you are a nurse of tomorrow who could use a little extra financial help, simply click below to enter. And, be sure to share this contest information with any friends or family who are aspiring nurses in need of a scholarship as well. Click here to enter the scholarship contest.

Clinical Corner: How Recent Changes to State Marijuana Laws Affect Travel Nurses

By Lalah Landers BSN, RN Clinical Nurse Manager

With the legalization of recreational marijuana in Washington State and Colorado, we've been getting more questions recently regarding the use of recreational marijuana and how it affects mandatory employer drug testing and your Travel Nursing job prospects.There is a common misconception that people can smoke marijuana anywhere in Colorado and Washington State without consequence.

Although it is now legal to recreationally use cannabis, commonly known as marijuana, in Washington and Colorado, a recent Denver Post article cautions that employers can still fire or elect not to hire employees who indulge in legal use.

According to the Post, “State law gives employers full authority to impose any drug prohibitions they wish, despite it being legal in Colorado for adults to possess and consume marijuana.Read more…

Enjoy reading our Clinical Corner? Please complete the survey below by telling us which nurse-related topics you would like to see for future Clinical Corner posts. Click here to complete survey.

“My first travel assignment brought me to the home of bourbon! Lexington and UKMC have definitely been a delight to explore. From hiking to learning the art of distilling the nation's best bourbons, my experience here has been a wonderful starting point. I cannot wait to explore the United States further!”
-jessica b

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