Earn More in California as a Travel Med Surg RN

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What Benefits are Travel Med Surg RNs Eligible For?

Day 1 Health Benefits
Medical, dental, and vision
Paid, Private Housing
We’ll find and provide housing perfect for your needs
Loyalty & Referral Bonuses
Unlimited $600 loyalty bonuses and $500 for every referral
Licensure Reimbursement
Get reimbursed for every license obtained on assignment
24/7 Support
Your recruiter and clinical teams will be by your side every step of the way
Take care of the whole you with free access to our Employee Assistance Program

What is a Travel Med Surg Nurse Salary in California?

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a registered nurse in California is $137,690. A travel nurse salary is based on several factors such as specialty, education, shift, type of assignment (like strike or crisis), and demand. Med surg travel nurses have the potential to earn more than that of a perm nurse in California due to the high demand and their flexibility to fill gaps in staffing.

What Does a Med Surg Nurse Do?

A med surg nurse—also known as a medical surgical nurse—is a frontline caregiver who provides comprehensive care to patients across various medical conditions. They conduct thorough patient assessments, administer medications, and oversee post-operative recovery. Some of the duties include wound care, patient education, vital sign monitoring, and collaborating closely with physicians and other healthcare professionals to ensure seamless coordination of care for patients’ needs. In critical situations, they respond swiftly, applying their expertise to stabilize patients.

Are Med Surg Nurses in High Demand?

Yes! Med surg nurses are in very high demand. Many states, including California, are experiencing a nursing shortage due to the aging workforce, faculty shortage, the aging population, and nurse burnout.

Where are Med Surg Travel Nurses Needed Most in California?

California consistently has been a high-demand state for nurses. Some of the areas where med surg nurses are needed the most include northern California, such as Susanville, Weaverville, Oakdale Arcata, and Redding, and southern California, such as Arroyo Grande, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Blythe.