Earn More in Arizona as a Travel Telemetry RN

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What Benefits are Travel Tele Nurses Eligible For?

Day 1 Health Benefits
Medical, dental, and vision as well as voluntary benefits
Paid, Private Housing
Get free agency housing or take a housing stipend
Loyalty & Referral Bonuses
$600 loyalty bonuses and $500 referral bonuses
Licensure Reimbursement
You’ll get reimbursed for licenses obtained on assignment
24/7 Support
We’ll always be there to answer any and all questions
Focus on your wellbeing with free access to our Employee Assistance Program

How Much Do Travel Telemetry RNs Earn in Arizona?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for a registered nurse in Arizona is $91,430. However, as with any profession, the salary of a travel tele nurse in Arizona is influenced by various factors, including education, shift schedules, facility type, assignment specifics, and demand. In certain assignments, tele travel RNs can earn higher compensation compared to permanent nurses in Arizona, due to heightened demand and their ability to address staffing shortages with flexibility.

Are Telemetry Nurses in High Demand in Arizona?

Absolutely! Arizona’s appealing warm weather and reasonable cost of living have attracted a surge of newcomers to the Grand Canyon State. Consequently, there’s a heightened demand for telemetry nurses to support the expanding healthcare infrastructure and ensure quality care for the growing population.

What Does a Telemetry RN Do?

Telemetry nurses use technology to monitor and analyze cardiac rhythms and vital signs for patients with acute or critical conditions. This entails extensive work in setting up and interpreting electrocardiograms, detecting irregularities and intervening swiftly in emergency situations, and administering cardiac interventions or other necessary treatments. Alongside monitoring heart activity, telemetry teams maintain a vigilant watch over blood pressure, respiratory patterns, and blood oxygen saturation levels.

Where are Telemetry Travel Nurses Needed Most in Arizona?

The demand for telemetry nurses in Arizona is steadily rising, particularly with the increasing population and evolving patient requirements. High-priority areas for nursing support encompass southern and south-central Arizona, including cities like Phoenix, Chandler, Prescott, and Tucson, and western parts like Lake Havasu City.