Earn More in California as a Travel Telemetry RN

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What Benefits are Travel Telemetry RNs Eligible For?

Day 1 Health Benefits
Medical, dental, and vision
Paid, Private Housing
We’ll find and provide housing perfect for your needs
Loyalty & Referral Bonuses
Unlimited $600 loyalty bonuses and $500 for every referral
Licensure Reimbursement
Get reimbursed for every license obtained on assignment
24/7 Support
Our recruiters and clinical teams will be by your side every step of the way
Take care of the whole you with free access to our Employee Assistance Program

What is a Travel Telemetry Nurse Salary in California?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average salary for a registered nurse in California is $137,690. A travel nurse salary is based on several factors such as specialty, education, shift, type of assignment (like strike or crisis), and demand. Telemetry travel nurses can earn more than a perm nurse in California due to the high demand and their flexibility to fill gaps in staffing.

What Does a Telemetry Nurse Do?

Telemetry nurses employ advanced technology to monitor and assess cardiac rhythms and vital signs for patients in acute or critical states. Their responsibilities include configuring and interpreting electrocardiograms, promptly identifying irregularities, intervening swiftly in emergencies, and administering essential cardiac interventions or treatments. In addition to tracking heart activity, telemetry teams closely monitor blood pressure, respiratory patterns, and oxygen saturation levels.

Are Telemetry Nurses in High Demand?

Definitely! The demand for tele nurses is exceptionally high. Several states, such as California, are grappling with a nursing shortage attributed to various factors, such as the aging workforce, a scarcity of faculty, the increasing elderly population, and nurse burnout.

Where are Telemetry Travel Nurses Needed Most in California?

California consistently has been a high-demand state for nurses, and some of the areas where telemetry nurses are needed the most include northern California, such as San Francisco, Sacramento, and Redding, and southern California, such as San Diego, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara.