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Riverside California Quiz

Thanks for taking the "Getting to Know Riverside" quiz!

Check out all the correct answers highlighted below, plus some bonus fun facts about this Southern California city.

1Q: Which of these vocal powerhouses hails from Riverside?

A. Aretha Franklin
B. Etta James
C. Mariah Carey
D. Beyonce??

Fun fact: R&B icon Etta James passed away just before her 74th birthday at Riverside Community Hospital in her hometown of Riverside. Other notable Riversiders include, athlete Barry Bonds, singer Amy Lee of Evanescence, actress Alia Shawkat (Arrested Development), and rapper Skee-Lo, who famously wished he was little bit taller — among other things — in his 1995 hit song.


2Q: What is the theme of the State Historic Park located in Riverside?

A. Fortune cookies
B. Avocados
C. Citrus
D. Bears

Fun fact: Although the modern fortune cookie was reportedly invented in California, it's the California Citrus State Historic Park that calls Riverside home. According to its website, the park “recaptures the time when ??Citrus was King' in California, recognizing the importance of the citrus industry in southern California. ” Guided citrus tasting tours, where you can taste fresh fruit right off the tree, are available at the park Friday-Sunday.


3Q: Which of the following films had its first public screening at Riverside's Fox Theater?

A. Gone With the Wind
B. Gigli
C. Casablanca
D. Howard the Duck


Fun fact: The gorgeous Spanish Colonial Revival style theater was once a combo cinema/vaudeville house. With its proximity to Hollywood, it was a popular spot for movie premieres. Bing Crosby and Judy Garland, among others, also performed live at the Fox. Currently called the Fox Performing Arts Center, the venue continues to host amazing performances with an emphasis on live music, theater, and special events.


4Q: Riverside is home to the World's Largest _________.

A. Scissors
B. Paper Cup
C. Can of Coca-Cola
D. Mood Ring


Fun fact: If you're collecting World's Largest sightsees, you can check off the World's Largest Paper Cup in Riverside. Speaking of big things, you can also see infamously plump President Taft's customized “Big Chair ” at Riverside's Mission Inn, and the “Big Arrow in the Ground ” at the entrance to the Riverside Archers archery club. While in Riverside you can also visit the Southern California Medical Museum to take a walk down medicine's memory lane of outdated treatments, such as leech therapy, bloodletting, and electroshock (call first, it's by appointment only). And speaking of must-sees, don't neglect to stop by Tio's Tacos. In addition to excellent food, owner Martin Sanchez has taken eco-art to the next level, creating recycled art with refuse; including a garden, statues, mosaics, and even a certified chapel made out of beer bottles, spanning a square city block in Riverside.


5Q: The Riverside Metropolitan Museum has an exhibit called “Telling Riverside's Story in 50 Objects." Which of the following items is NOT a part of the exhibit.

A. Mammoth molars
B. Chinese medicine bottles
C. Stagecoach foot warmers
C. Didgeridoos


Fun fact: Inspired by the British Museum's “A History of the World in 100 Objects, ” this fun exhibit is a great crash course on the Riverside's history. The exhibit runs through early January 2015. In addition to that and a First Thursdays Arts Walk, you can also check out permanent exhibits there involving the Santa Ana, regional flora and fauna, Native Americans of Southern California, a Nature Lab featuring living species, and much more.


6Q: What's the nickname for the metro area and region of Southern California that Riverside is a part of?

A. Bird-in-Hand
B. Inland Empire
C. Punkydoodles Corners
D. Middelfart


Fun fact: The Inland Empire, which houses Riverside and San Bernadino Counties, covers more than 27,000 square miles due east of the Los Angeles area. Oddly, the three wrong answers are actual places, they're just not related to Riverside!


7Q: Which of the following HBO shows is set in Riverside?

A. Enlightened
B. The Sopranos
C. Deadwood
D. Entourage


Fun fact: The critically acclaimed, though short-lived series Enlightened starred Laura Dern as Amy Jellicoe, an ambitious yet na??ve business executive who faces a variety of personal and professional pratfalls. Many shows and movies have also filmed in Riverside, including: Real Genius, Vibes, Nixon, The Man in the Iron Mask, and reality shows Splash and Tabatha Takes Over.


8Q: The annual Long Night of Arts & Innovation is considered Riverside's “signature event. ” Which of the following was NOT a presentation or exhibition during the 2012 event?

A. Instrument Petting Zoo
B. Reading Skid Marks … Using Math in Police Work
C. Thumbs are Fingers Too!
D. Spiders and Spider Silks: Amazing!


Fun fact: Inspired by the Long Night of Science, held in Riverside's German sister city of Erlangen, the Long Night of Arts & Innovation showcases hundreds of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and creative arts projects. At 20+ venues throughout town, this all ages event includes work and projects from University of California Riverside, La Sierra University, Cal Baptist University, Riverside Community College, the Riverside and Alvord school districts, many private schools, companies like Siemens, SolarMax Tech, and many others, as well as the Riverside fire and police departments.


9Q: Which body of water is responsible for Riverside's name?

A. Arrowhead Lake
B. Pacific Ocean
C. Santa Ana River
D. Rio Grande


Fun fact: The Santa Ana River is one Southern California's largest river systems. When John North and a group of Easterners founded Riverside in 1870, in an effort to establish a community that would further education, arts, and culture, they wisely chose to do so alongside the Santa Ana — thus the highly descriptive name, Riverside. It's about a 47-mile drive from Riverside to the Pacific Ocean.

10Q: Riverside has a huge arts, culture, and literary scene. Which author is the inspiration for the annual festival held there?

A. John Steinbeck
B. Joan Didion
C. E.L. James
D. Charles Dickens


Fun fact: While Dickens hailed from far-off England, the festival in his name is just another part of Riverside's vibrant arts and culture scene. According to the folks that put it on, they do so to “enhance a sense of community among citizens of Riverside County and Southern California by creating a series of literary events and to provide educational, family-oriented, literary entertainment and activities such as plays, musical performances, pageants, living history presentations, workshops, lectures, classroom study, exhibits and a street bazaar with free entertainment, vendors and costumed characters. ”

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