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newsletter april picture3rd Annual Nurses Week Humerus T-Shirt Design Contest

We have teamed up with, an innovative custom clothing website, and, an online healthcare apparel retailer to launch the 3rd Annual Nurses Week Humerus T-shirt Design Contest.? All participates are challenged to design their own t-shirts focused on the humor in nursing as part of the celebration for National Nurses Week.

You can submit as many designs as you like, using the extremely simple and user friendly design interface at or you can submit your own designs created by using any number of design programs. The winning designs will be chosen through a combination of a judging panel as well as an online voting system at Entries are being accepted now through May 12th, 2012 at 11:59pm; registered users can vote for three total entries.
Contestants are strongly encouraged to post their entries on as many social networking sites they may belong to, in hopes to get the most votes. Visit to enter or vote!

Nurses Week Celebration 2012, May 6th-12th

We know it's a little early for Nurses Week, but we wanted to let everyone know what we had planned for this year. Nurses Week is officially May 6th through May 12th. 

During this time, we will be giving away three $1,000 Scholarships for nursing students, and for our Travelers, we will be having a week of giveaways to those that participate in our daily contests. We will also be holding our 3rd Annual Nurses Week Humerus T-shirt Design Contest as mentioned above.?Please see our Nurses Week 2012 page on more information for all of these events.

Planet Water Tower Update

This past Christmas we partnered with the Planet Water Foundation to help bring fresh, clean water to the people living in the village of Phnov, located in the Tasom Commune, Angkor Chum District of Siem Reap, Cambodia. This gift was given on behalf of our travelers and client hospitals.

We just received an update that the Planet Water crew will arrive in Phnov and start construction on the tower May 10th-11th. Pictures and videos soon to follow!

To learn more about Phnov community and how this system works and is giving the hope of a better life to thousands visit our?Planet Water page.

Clinical Corner: Preventing Patient Falls
by Amber Barna, RN, Manager of Clinical & Quality Services

Patient falls can not only harm a patient, but they can also harm the caregiver. The Joint Commission requires facilities to have a fall reduction program in place ( This starts with determining a patient?s fall risk status and goes through interventions and communications to minimize these risks.

One of the problem items that comes up in regards to this is a lapse of communication between caregivers regarding patient?s fall risk status. It is important to be aware of the fall prevention program in place at the facility you are at for your assignment. A portion of this facility program will address how the fall risk is communicated to all caregivers.

If a patient falls while under your care, please first follow the hospital process for this and communicate to all necessary parties, next, please contact your Career Consultant within 24 hours so an incident report may be filed. For additional information on fall prevention the following websites are informational.