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November Newsletter 2012 Medical Solutions
Holiday Timesheet Week

We understand the holidays are a crucial financial time. Since Medical Solutions will be closed on Christmas Day and New Years Day, we lose a few days to process payroll in the normal schedule. Please see the Holiday Timesheet Schedule below to ensure you submit your timesheet by the deadline.

The December 23rd work week schedule:

Timesheets will be due by 5pm on Friday, Dec 21st. Medical Solutions is closed on Tuesday, Dec 25th. Payroll will be deposited into accounts by Friday, Dec 28th.

The December 30th work week schedule:

Timesheets will be due by 5pm on Friday, Dec 28th. Medical Solutions is closed on Tuesday, Jan 1st. Payroll will be deposited into accounts by Friday, Jan 4th.

If you have any question, please contact your Career Consultant at 1.866.633.3548.

Tips for Nurse Wellness

by Tara Trofholz, BS in Exercise Physiology, Team Manager

Along with all the holiday bliss comes the holiday dinners, snacks and desserts. Americans put on an average of 7 to 10 pounds during the holiday season.Of course, we all claim that we will take care of that on January 1st, but wouldn?t it be a lot easier if we could start the New Year without trying to take off an additional few pounds??

There is no reason why we should not be merry and enjoy the holiday goodies.The key to overcoming the season?s few extra pounds is to eat in moderation.You know that feeling you get after Thanksgiving dinner?.too full to get up from the table, tired the rest of the day and sure that you will never be able to eat again? Here are a few tips to get you through this season without losing your waistline:

  • Finger foods are common when gathering groups of people together.Start with the vegetable tray to fill you up first, that way you will eat less of the more fattening choices.
  • When you are ready to sit down at the table, keep in mind that you can try a bit of everything without eating a full holiday size serving.Cut down the portion of everything and you could cut your total calories in half.
  • Give your body and mind time to tell you that it has had enough.Eat slowly and put your fork down in between bites to enjoy every tasty morsel.

Again, don?t look at the holiday season as an all or nothing dinner. Eat all good things in moderation and practice the same good habits all year long.

One last note?we are all busy this time of year, but for goodness sakes, don?t forget to stay active. Exercising through the holidays will take away some of the season?s stress and as always burn extra calories.

Clinical Corner: Healthcare Staff Falls

by Amber Barna, RN, Manager of Clincial and Quality Services

Recently, we have received several reports of our healthcare staff having slips, trips and/or falls. It is important to ensure you are taking care of yourself, so you can in turn take care of your patients. Per the CDC?s website the following are the top hazards to healthcare staff:

  1. Fluids on floor
  2. Drains overflowing
  3. Uneven surfaces-indoors
  4. Uneven surfaces-outdoors
  5. Ice/Snow/Rain
  6. Poor lighting
  7. Stairs/lacking handrails
  8. Ladders/stools used to reach items
  9. Cords/tubing
  10. Floor mats not used correctly

It is important to be aware of your surrounding and wear appropriate footwear. If you should have the unfortunate incident of a fall, please make sure you get care for injuries sustained, contact your Career Consultant and complete a report.

For additional information regarding fall prevention please see the following link:



Traveling Pet of the Month

Meet Midnight! Midnight is a striking American Shorthair Tomcat owned by our Traveler, Simona. When he's traveling with his mom, Midnight loves to eat any kind of fish. If you'd like to nominate your pet for Traveling Pet of the Month, fill out a pet application.



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