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North Carolina

Travel ICU (Intensive Care Unit) RN (Registered Nurse) in Greenville, NC

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Travel ICU/Neuro RN is needed for a 13 week assignment to start ASAP in a Hospital located in North Carolina. Shifts consist of Straight Nights or D/N rotating shifts meaning they will be expected to work both days and nights as needed which is what they prefer. If you have a candidate that wants straight days or straight nights please specify that when you send them over and we can ask if they might consider it. Neurosciences intensive care provides support for the neuro-surgical patient population. Patients in this setting require frequent neurological assessments and collaborative evaluations to manage intermediate care status. The population will include but is not limited to: Acute Stroke management (ischemic, hemorrhagic, SAH, etc.) Post Neuro-surgical and endovascular management (craniotomy, aneurysm clipping/coiling, complex neuro-spine). Seizure management (epilepsy, post-ictal and pseudo-seizures). Critically ill neuro patient population that may progress to multi-system organ failure. NSICU must demonstrate expertise in advanced hemodynamic monitoring, ICP monitoring, and ventilator management. Nursing staff analyze all hemodynamics and respiratory care practitioners assist with mechanical ventilator management. BLS is required upon hire and ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) is preferred. NIHSS (National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale) certification is required to be renewed annually. Skills that will be utilized are NIHSS, lumbar, ventriculostomy and ICP management. Management of arterial line, central line, various cranial drains, and mechanical ventilation management are also essential nursing skills. Various intravenous drips concurrent with the ICU setting including pain, sedation, vasopressors etc… Temperature management with hypo and hyperthermia protocols and Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) are also essential in care for the critically ill. RN ratio for Intensive Care beds 1:2. Nursing assistant ratio for Intensive Care beds 1:12. Charge Nurse does not have a patient assignment. Dress Code: Solid Black or White uniforms for Nurses. If they do not have travel experience they want the RN to have at least 5 years of experience. There is also an 80 mile radius restriction. There are NO exceptions to either of these rules. This is one of the most popular states to travel in with lots of things to do and beautiful scenery. This position won't be open long. Great Benefits and Pay! Please call Medical Solutions at (866) 633-3548 to speak with a Career Consultant regarding this travel assignment!