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Travel Telemetry RN (Registered Nurse) in Merced, CA

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ACLS, BLS, Pandemic Licensure Approved, Rapid Response Protocol Approved

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Natalie Olson (On-site visit 12/05/17) 34 Beds (3 semi-private, rest private) BLS & ACLS 1 to 4, maybe 5 Cerner experience preferred. Make sure to ask if they already have Cerner experience & if so, was this recent? They can comp test out of Cerner training. Yes, they do not take a patient assignment 2 on days, 1-2 on nights Every other weekend Per the needs of the unit Navy blue. If you wear a scrub jacket it also must be navy. If you wear an undershirt underneath your scrub top it must be navy, white, or black. No hoodies. GE (central monitor station w/ 2 monitor techs). Strips are sent twice per shift, review, sign & put in chart. Bipap (not continuous Bipap) or Cpap. Pt must be able to self-rescue to be on this floor otherwise they need to be in the ICU. They do not have a stepdown unit at this hospital. Hospitalist in-house 24/7 No Yes Yes 12's 7-730 Self-scheduling done in team. Mgr will try to give what you want but will balance it out to meet the needs of the unit. 4th floor Tele, 7th floor MedSurg Tele, 5th floor MedSurg Tele Oncology. Would not float to ER, ICU, Surgery, or OB 3 Shifts with a preceptor All post-surgicals, total joint floor, hips, shoulders, a lot of ortho procedures, pain management is huge here. A lot of PCA pumps, no blocks at this time but this could change, a lot of drains, occasional chest tubes, wound VACS, NGs, peg tubes, overflow medical patients. No cardiac procedures.