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So many awesome cities, so little time!

Great Cities You Might Have Overlooked

Need help deciding where to go on your next Travel Nurse assignment? Check out these great cities that are often overlooked.

Boulder, CO

This university town is one of the most livable cities in U.S., and makes Boulder an excellent choice for an assignment. Locals thrive on the beauty of the outdoors, and adventure can be found at every turn. Boulder has a rather dry climate, which is typical of much of the state, and receives many sunny or mostly sunny days each year. No car? No problem. The main method of transportation In Boulder is cycling. However, walking is also a great option as there are many shops, great eateries and brewpubs close by.

Omaha, NE

Omaha rarely gets the attention it deserves. With a leading independent music scene, thriving artistic movement, and the nation’s lowest unemployment, Omaha and its friendly citizens deserve a bit of recognition. The city is also home to four Fortune 500 companies and has arguably more millionaires per capita than any other U.S. metro area, thanks in large part to Omaha native Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway. The world-famous Henry Doorly Zoo also consistently places in the top 3 zoos in the nation. Hungry? You won t find trouble finding a restaurant here; Omaha has the most restaurants per capita than any other U.S. city as well. Several nursing schools reside in Omaha, including Creighton, UNMC, and Clarkson, so you'll be in great company with a large population of nurses.

Kansas City, MO

Claiming to have the most fountains of any city outside of Rome, Kansas City is definitely deserving of buzz and would be a great choice for an assignment. KC has a little bit of everything with historic, jazz and baseball museums. For some summertime fun, head to two different theme parks, Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun. The, once you’ve worked up an appetite, treat yourself to some of the country’s best barbecue in this Midwestern city.

Providence, RI

Seeing Providence might remind you a little of Venice, Italy. Visitors can take a gondola ride through downtown and enjoy the light of 100 bonfires along Providence’s three rivers during the city's summer WaterFires event. When you add in a growing dining scene, enchanting New England history, the new Chace Center at the Museum of Art-Rhode Island School of Design, a monthly gallery night, and a renowned performing arts scene, this underrated city seems perfect for a fulfilling 13-week assignment.

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