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Travel Nursing Books

The following book list offers a comprehensive view of the industry and can help you navigate your way through a Travel Nursing career:

Travel Nurse’s Bible

A book full of advice for Travel Nurses from David Morrison RN, a Travel Nurse with 14 years' experience.

Hitting The Road: A Guide To Travel Nursing

Published in 2002 (updated in 2010), this book written by Shalon Weddington, RN, offers insight into the world of Travel Nursing.

The Truth About Travel Nursing

Author Kyle Schmidt offers refreshingly transparent advice on competing agencies and how you can compare compensation packages and find the best situation for yourself.

Travel Nursing: Your Ultimate Guide

This book is written by Katherine Frederick, RN, and was published in 2008. It features tips and clues to guide you through your travel nursing career, including tips on housing, childcare, contracts and even the immigration process for international nurses.

Fast Facts For The Travel Nurse: A Guide To Travel Nursing

Written by Michele Angell Landrum, this 2009 book contains easy-to-use checklists, study guides, and questions for you to ask to make sure you get the best treatment from your Travel Nursing company.

Travel Nurse Insights: A Window To The World Of Travel Nursing

From experienced Travel Nurses Barry and Donna Padgett, this book provides tools to help you evaluate if Travel Nursing is right for you.

Highway Hypodermics

Epstein LaRue is a veteran of the Travel Nursing industry. Her book covers the basics of the industry, with a ton of information for Travelers. Her latest edition was released in 2015.

We are always updating this page so if there are any other Travel Nursing books that would be a benefit to others, please let us know and we will try to add them.


Benefits of Not Switching Travel Nurse Companies

Find out why it pays to stay with one Travel Nurse company.

Great Cities You Might Have Overlooked

During your Travel Nursing career, some cities just might surprise you. Find out which cities we think deserve a second look.

Guide to Becoming a Travel Nurse

With this guide, you'll be a Travel Nurse and on the open road in no time!

How to Land Your Travel Nurse Dream Job

Getting the Travel Nursing gig of your dreams might be easier than you think.

How to Stop Travel Nurse Bullying

Stop nurse bullying in its tracks with these tips!

Infographics for Travel Nurses

If a picture's worth a thousand words, than these Travel Nurse infographics are a must-see!

Perfecting the Interview

Ace your Travel Nurse interview with these tips!

PBDS Testing Guide

Sharpen your critical and clinical skills with our PBDS study guide.

14 Questions to Ask Your Career Consultant

Find the perfect Career Consultant for you.

Reasons to Become a Travel Nurse

Looking for a reason to travel? We've got a few for you!

Stability in Travel Nursing

Although Travel Nursing assignments are temporary, you can go the distance with a Travel Nursing career.

Student Guide to Travel Nursing

Prepare yourself for a Travel Nursing career while you're still in school!

Travel Nurse Orientation Guide

Travel Nurse Orientation 101: Learn how to quickly adjust to your new facility.

Be Social on Your Travel Nurse Assignment

Say hello to freedom and adventure as a Travel Nurse. Great things happen when you embrace the unexpected.

Travel Nursing Blogs

Blogs can be a great tool for the Travel Nurse. Find our top picks here.

Travel Nursing Books

Make the transition to a Travel Nursing career with our collection of links to Travel Nursing books and guides.

Travel Nursing Magazines

Become an industry insider with these links to our favorite Travel Nursing magazines.

Travel Nursing Shopping Guide

Find the right Travel Nurse company for you.

Travel Nursing Social Networks

Get social with these online communities and stay connected with other Travel Nurses while on assignment.

“While on a travel assignment in Vancouver, Washington, I visited lovely sights at the waterfalls with other Travelers. An amazing nurse named Shannon took us to the falls. On this same trip, we were close to Oregon, so we visited a beautiful rose garden.”
-catherine g

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