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Shop 'til you drop everyone but your perfect Travel Nursing company!


Travel Nursing Shopping Guide

Finding the right Travel Nurse company can be a job in itself, but it doesn't have to be. Not sure which company to choose? Well, grab your cart and let's shop!

  1. Researching & Comparing - Spend some time online comparing the many different Travel Nurse companies available. Each will have similar offerings and benefits like health insurance, but be sure to find the one that can meet your individual needs and goals.
  2. Choose your Travel Company - Once you’ve figured out which company is right for you, either fill out their online contact form or call them directly. Remember, the larger companies may have more assignments to offer but maybe not the service you deserve.
  3. Interview Recruiters - This is most important, finding a Recruiter you can relate to and get along with. This person will be your lifeline while you are traveling so you want to make sure they are responsive now before you are out on the road and stuck.
  4. Apply for Jobs - Now that you’ve narrowed your search of companies and Recruiters it is now time to start deciding which jobs are right for you. Work with your Recruiter to discuss what options are available and find the right fit.
  5. Time to Checkout - You found a company you’re comfortable with, now let them guide you through the remaining steps (interview/placement process and housing options). After you’ve accepted an assignment, get your affairs in order and pack up!

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“My kids are grown and gone. So I decided it was time to explore this great country, help people, and make great new friends!”
-sherry d

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