FAQs for Travel Healthcare Professionals

We’ve got answers to all your how tos and what nows!

When you travel with Medical Solutions, we’re here to support you on every step of your journey. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we get about traveling with us. Start here, and if you don’t find the answer to your question you can always contact your recruiter or call us at 866.633.3548.

Getting Started as a Healthcare Traveler and What to Expect

Simply apply here. You can also call us at 1.866.633.3548 and speak with a recruiter, who can answer your questions and send you an information packet. All we need to begin is your application and resume. Once we receive your information, we can begin discussing potential assignments that fit your profile. When you find a job you want, your recruiter will submit you for the job and walk you through the process from there.

No. Your information is always kept confidential and we must get your permission before submitting your resume to a client. This gives you a chance to explore your options and choose the best assignment before signing a contract.

Absolutely not. We’re paid by the hospital. If you choose to travel with Medical Solutions, you will become our employee and we pay you.

Medical Solutions has open travel healthcare assignments nationwide in a variety of specialties and shifts. You can search our extensive database of travel healthcare positions by specialty, title, and location here. You can also sign up for our jobs email which sends you available jobs in your specialty.

Most assignments are 13 weeks in length, but we’ve seen them as short as four weeks and as long as 24. You are obligated to finish your assignment as contracted, but there is no contract binding you to work more assignments afterward. You can take a new assignment right after your last or take a break. It’s all up to you!

Once you have interviewed for the position and both you and the facility decide to move forward, it typically takes one to six weeks, depending on when you are available and the start date of the assignment. We typically begin presenting new assignments to you about 30 days from the end of your current assignment.

Many states are in the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC), which allows you reciprocal rights to practice in compact states. If you need to obtain a new state license, your Recruiter can tell you exactly how much time is necessary to apply for it and the cost. If a new license is required for your assignment, Medical Solutions will reimburse you for the cost!

Before your assignment ends, your recruiter will begin discussing new travel opportunities with you. However, it is completely your choice to extend your assignment (if an extension is offered), take another assignment, go full time, or simply take a break. Get a jump on exploring new jobs here.

Many travelers say the variety of travel jobs helps them avoid nurse burnout, plus it’s a great way to develop new skills and it looks great on your resume! Traveling is also exciting, especially if you’re flexible with your time, family, and social life. You often receive higher pay, paid lodging, preferred scheduling, and bonuses through your company’s loyalty program. Assignments are typically 13 weeks in duration, long enough to enjoy your new city and maybe even make a few friends, but not so long you get bored. This lifestyle is best suited to those who can easily adapt to new surroundings, are flexible with location, and confident in their clinical skills.

Compensation and Benefits

If you are injured at work and it is an emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. If your injury is not an emergency, you must call Conduent at 844-975-3471 prior to seeking treatment. Conduent is a 24/7 injury triage service that provides immediate expertise from a registered nurse (RN) to accurately assess the severity of a workplace injury and recommend the best course of action. After coordinating a referral for medical treatment, Conduent will send a report of injury to us and we will file a workers’ compensation claim with our claim administrator, CCMSI. Our Work Comp team will provide you with your claim information and further instructions via email.

Your total compensation package — including your hourly pay, benefits, bonuses, reimbursements, etc. — is completely customized to fit your needs. Pay rates vary from assignment to assignment depending on location, the hospital, your specialty, and other factors.

You are paid weekly by direct deposit. Most travelers have their paycheck directly deposited in their primary bank to eliminate the hassle of finding a new bank for each assignment.

Your compensation package should align with your unique needs and accomplish your unique goals. That’s why our pay packages are flexible and can be customized to fit your needs. We believe that every traveler is different and one inflexible program can’t fit everyone’s individual compensation goals.


Your pay package is:
• Personalized to meet your needs
• One of the best in the travel healthcare industry
• Clear and easy to understand

Your recruiter will take the time to find out what’s most important to you — whether it’s hourly pay, stipends, bonuses, per diem, etc. They will then use this information to put a package together for you that outlines each item clearly.

Click here for FAQs about Compensation and Benefits, including our 401(k) program and per diem allowances.

401(k) with Company Contribution
Medical Solutions offers travelers a 401(k) plan through Wells Fargo Institutional Retirement and Trust, with auto-enrollment after your first 30 days of work and an employer contribution of 50% of your contribution up to 4%. That’s free money for you to plan for and achieve your retirement goals! Ask your Recruiter for more information.

Loyalty Bonus
All Medical Solutions travelers earn a $600 loyalty bonus for every 600 hours worked. All you need to do is focus on what you do best — caring for patients — and we’ll take care of the rest.

Each traveler is automatically enrolled in this program the second they start an assignment with us. We continuously keep tabs on your hours worked throughout the year and you can check the status of your loyalty bonus with your recruiter. While on call hours do not count toward the loyalty bonus, call back and all other hours do.

Also, there is no limit to the number of times you can earn a loyalty bonus! Once you hit 600 hours and earn the $600 loyalty bonus, your hours count is reset and you start earning towards your next bonus. If you take a break from traveling with Medical Solutions, we’ll keep your earned hours count and they’ll be here waiting for you when you return.

Referral Bonus
Share your love for Medical Solutions with your friends and co-workers! Simply have them call 866.633.3548 or apply online — just make sure they mention your name and ask for your recruiter.

For every nurse you refer who is a new candidate to Medical Solutions, accepts a travel nursing travel allied healthcare professional position with us, and works at least 30 days, you get a $500 cash referral bonus!

So, your friend gets a great job and you get a bonus — total win-win! Plus, there is no limit to the number of people you can refer or the number of referral bonuses you can receive.

With Medical Solutions, your housing is paid, private, and fully furnished! Unlike some companies, you are not required to share housing. Our housing team will find you the best housing available, focusing on drive time, safety, and security. We handle all the arrangements for you, including furnishings and utilities. All you need to do is show up. Of course, if you prefer to pick something on your own or stay with friends or family, you will be offered a housing stipend.

Per diem allowances and reimbursements are typically tax-free dollars allotted to you for traveling away from your primary residence. It is designed to cover the expense of your meals, transportation, and many costs associated with traveling.

Yes, we offer a plan through Wells Fargo Institutional Retirement and Trust with auto-enrollment after your first 30 days of work and an employer match of 50% of your contribution up to 4%. Ask your recruiter for more information.

Yes, Medical Solutions will provide you a travel stipend reimbursement to assist you with any of the costs you incur traveling to and from your assignment. Half of this stipend is provided in your first paycheck while the remainder is provided at the end of your assignment.