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Read what other travelers say about us.

"After working with another travel agency for a couple months with no success I signed up with Medical Solutions. In less than 48 hours I got a interview and a offer at the hospital I wanted. The manager said that after looking at my profile that showed my years of experience, she was impressed with my resume and offered me the job. Again I want to express my thanks and say, great job Medical Solutions!"

-Sue, RN

"Todd, I just wanted to thank you for everything the past month and a half! It was so great getting to meet you and get to know you as more than a voice on the other end of the phone. Also, thank you for the goodie bag. Ironically our apartment here in Omaha only has teacups, which are way too small for my afternoon coffee. So as I write this I am sipping from my finally large enough Medical Solutions mug! Anyways- Thank you again for everything. We had a blast at the Drover with you and Shawn!"

PS. You have a beautiful family!

-Bethany and Ben, RN

"All I can say is that my recruiter is awesome; she has been totally helpful in any situation that may have come up. She is also a great friend. My family thinks she is the greatest!! Especially my daughter. Got to give a shout out to another recruiter also (Doug Rowe) he is just plain professional in all areas, very informative, thanks Doug!! Medical solutions rock!!!!Sarah Kisler, you're the best!!!!!!!! Thank you for all that you do."

- Rob, RN

"So far, I have been picking the wrong areas in relation to the seasons….I was in Texas for summer..cooked my butt off, and now I'm in Connecticut for the winter…freezing my butt off…they have had record snow fall and I get to be part of that..YEAH!!…One of the most important things I rediscovered by Travel Nursing is my compassion and sense of humanity. I had become jaded towards certain "complaints", but I now see things through OPEN eyes and really enjoy my work more than ever. I have regained the feeling that I am REALLY helping people again…Thanks Medical Solutions for the opportunity to find myself again."

- Ivalee, RN

"I have worked with other companies and Medical Solutions is by far the best. Awesome assignments, awesome benefits, AWESOME recruiter."

- Jared, RN

"I just wanted to say that Medical Solutions is one of the best companies I have every worked for and my recruiter is the best, he goes out of his way to make every assignment the best and I would recommend Medical Solutions to anyone looking for a travel company. My time with this company has been the best and I hope to continue to work for you, so I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all you have done for me. Thanks"

- Wanda, RN

"I like working for Medical Solutions and going to different hospitals. My recruiter is AWESOME and tries to accommodate not only the hospitals, but his traveler as well. The company is great and everyone works very hard to get a contract to a facility. They have been very accommodating and understanding with different situations that seem to pop up out of thin air. I have been a traveler for over ten years, and Medical Solutions is number ONE in my book. I recommend this company to all of my nursing friends."

- Anna, RN, BSN

"Medical Solutions is a wonderful company. I feel like you really work hard for the traveler. My Recruiter is very supportive and makes me feel like I am part of a big family."

- Bonnie, RN

"You guys go out of your way to get my needs met."

- Melissa, RN

"I stay working with Medical Solutions because I know there is always somebody there. If my Recruiter is not available, someone else who cares is and listens to what I need."

- Connie, RN

"I already have referred other travelers to Medical Solutions because I have been impressed with my Recruiter. I have nice housing, my pay is good and I feel I have been very well matched with this hospital. It's a really good fit for me."

- Mary, RN

"I can ?t say enough good things about my Recruiter. He has been there for me any time I have needed anything. I think that is what keeps me with Medical Solutions, in addition I feel your company really does care about their travelers!"

- Ruth, RN

"Everyone that I have talked to at Medical Solutions, other Recruiters/Manager that I spoke with when my Recruiter was not available, is so real. I talked to Recruiters from other companies who were so fake and you could tell they didn ?t care about me."

- Jeanna, RN

"My Recruiter is so helpful, knowledgeable and understanding. My first travel experience has been with Medical Solutions and it has been such a good one!"

- David, RN

"This is my first travel assignment. My Recruiter has done a real good job of explaining everything to me from the first day I spoke with him. The hospital interviewed me and wanted me to start a week later."

- Lloyd, Cath Lab Tech

"Good service from my Recruiter. She doesn't tell me any tales! She follows through with what she is going to do."

- Donald, Resp. Therapist

“My dog and I travel the world together. She is my adventure buddy to the moon and back.”
-roxanne v

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