What is a Healthcare Talent Ecosystem

At its core, a talent ecosystem is a dynamic and interconnected network of individuals, organizations and resources that work together to support the healthcare workforce. Unlike traditional staffing agencies, our ecosystem of solutions puts the control in your hands allowing us to meet you where you want to be met and continuously expand innovative workforce solutions. An ecosystem approach is about long-term organizational success, integrating services, strategy, and technology to get to the root of shortages, burnout, and turnover.

Services: Aligning talent acquisition with broader goals, like expanding reach, reducing partnerships, or supporting management. Leveraging per diem, local talent, traditional travel, permanent hires, and international staff, among others, to help fill staffing gaps.

Strategy: Embracing new forms of data to make informed decisions, improving access, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness around staffing. Our ecosystem not only processes data to uncover key findings, but it empowers and transforms organizations to be proactive instead of reactive.

Technology: Monitoring contracts, protocols, compliance, requisitions, and more to centralize oversight and reporting. Utilizing predictive modeling to anticipate future outcomes and better prepare for future staffing needs.

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