The Medical Solutions Rebrand is Here!

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You ever get that antsy, excited feeling like you need a little change? Like a new haircut or adventure or a fresh coat of paint will help you better embody your purpose and more clearly express who you are? Well readers, that’s the basic spirit behind the Medical Solutions rebrand, which we’re proudly launching on Monday, August 31, 2020!

We’ve been hard at work on some adjustments to our brand that we believe will better allow us to focus on what matters most and manifest our core purpose of connecting care nationwide. This process of soul-searching and (if we do say so ourselves … ) the fantastic results, have been illuminating, invigorating, and left us ready to serve you better than ever before.       

We understand this change may bring about some questions for our loyal healthcare travelers and clients, so we invite you to read the FAQs below and reach out to our team with any further questions.

Thank you for being such an important part of the Medical Solutions family — and we hope you like our new look!

Q: Why did Medical Solutions rebrand?

A: Medical Solutions is rebranding because we’re growing! As we added more incredible companies like PPR, Aureus, FocusOne Solutions, and others to our growing family, it became more difficult to express our company’s evolution and the strong direction we’re headed in the future. But we’re all about solutions, so we turned that challenge into an opportunity to revisit the core of who we are and what we want to become. With that sorted out, we solidified our strategy and visual and verbal identity to match our aspirations. We hope you love what we’ve created!

Q: When will Medical Solutions officially transition to its new brand?

A: We’ll unveil our new brand identity on Monday, August 31, 2020.

Q: When can I see the new website?

A: You can explore the new and improved website on launch day, Monday, August 31, 2020.

Q: Will anything change for me as a traveler or client?

A: The main changes you’ll notice as a traveler or client are our new and improved, more user-friendly website and our updated logo and visual brand identity. Clients who use our managed service provider, will also notice that we’ve retired the “Medical Solutions Plus” moniker and our MSP is now known simply as “Medical Solutions.”  

Otherwise, we are still the same supportive, dependable company you’ve entrusted with your career as a traveler or partnered with to contain staffing costs and create great patient care experiences as a hospital!

If you’re a traveler, this will not result in any changes to your current or pending assignment. If you’re a client, this will not result in any changes to your current service, and our team will continue to offer you talented healthcare professionals who are the right clinical and cultural fit for your facility.

Every traveler will keep their same reliable recruiter, every client will keep their same reliable account representative, and all our customers will continue to receive the same top-notch, people-first service and solid network of support on which they’ve come to depend.

Q: So, what does the new Medical Solutions brand stand for?

A: We connect care. Endlessly inspired by the power of people who care, we bring care back into healthcare by connecting the best people to the best places. We do this in a few key ways:

  • We are committed to being human first by being sincerely and unabashedly us. 
  • We go beyond checking boxes to find the perfect fit through our engaged and invested personality. 
  • And we own it because we are energized and driven.

We want people like you, your fellow healthcare travelers, and your fellow hospital clients to trust that you’ve all come to the right place.

Q: Why did Medical Solutions need a new logo? 

A: A new logo is an opportunity for us to connect our visual identity with our company strategy, acknowledging the human and connective part of what we do, and disrupting the “sea of sameness” that defines many healthcare staffing companies today.

Our old logo represented the past that got us up to this point, and our new one represents our future.

Q: What does the new Medical Solutions logo represent?

A: Our logo reflects our commitment to connecting care. The dots represent various locations, linked together by our name — each one a perfect fit, just like the placements we arrange for our travel nurses, travel allied health professionals, and hospital clients. Our logo typeface is strong and solid. It’s dependable, just like us! As a geometric typeface, it also has a sense of fluidity, which represents the seamlessness and ease of working with us.

Q: What if I have more questions about the new Medical Solutions brand? 

A: As always, please feel free to contact your recruiter or account representative with any questions, concerns, or needs related to our rebrand or anything else! We are always here for you, and you can also reach us any time at our 24-hour customer care line: 1.866.633.3548.

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