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FAQs for Healthcare Facilities

A managed services provider (MSP), is a company that manages the contingent staffing needs of a hospital system or medical facility. In fact, Medical Solutions, an industry-leading MSP, can handle your facility’s talent acquisition strategy, billing, timekeeping, credentialing, supplier management, on-boarding, and orientation.

Our Clinical Team is just one of the many factors that sets us apart from the competition. Our internal team of full-time RNs will personally meet with your Unit Managers to determine your facility’s unique clinical requirements, cultural values, and professional needs. Based on your criteria, we will ensure your travelers are a good mutual fit.

Yes, our MSP team can provide your facility with skilled clinical and non-clinical candidates. Simply fill out our contact us form or call one of our experts at 866.633.3548 today.

Medical Solutions MSP can dramatically extend your facility’s talent acquisition reach through our nationwide database of highly qualified contingent clinicians. We also continually strive to conduct our day-to-day business operations with patient safety and quality care as our main goal.

To that end, Medical Solutions travelers must pass a multi-point screening process that includes verification of identity, health requirements, licensure/certification, and education/orientation, as well as thorough investigation of personal background and professional experience. In this way, we endeavor to minimize risk when placing our travelers into your facility.

Not at all. As our MSP partner, you’ll have access to thousands of supplemental candidates through our vendor network. This network allows us to expand your search through additional staffing agencies while maintaining a single point of contact with your MSP Account Manager.

Yes, both our internal recruitment team and our partner staffing agencies simultaneously work to fill your open positions. We encourage our suppliers to advance their best candidates with a streamlined submission process and a low service fee. As a result, you will receive only the most experienced healthcare professionals.

Absolutely! While Medical Solutions uses an established tiering system based on past vendor performance, we will also work with your facility’s most trusted suppliers upon request.

Yes, the Medical Solutions team handles your credentialing through a two-point audit process. We are committed to finding and correcting any errors, tracking down missing documents, and ensuring timely starts. We also run monthly background checks on every traveler and automatically monitor all expirations.

Moreover, we are proud to have been one of the first healthcare staffing agencies to earn Joint Commission Certification, along with their Gold Seal of Approval. Since then, we have maintained zero RFI for more than eight years and have earned a perfect score on our last six Joint Commission audits.

We consolidate all vendor billing into a single invoice using a uniform format, so you no longer have to worry about individual suppliers or specific terms. We can also simplify the reconciliation process by connecting to your facility’s timekeeping system.

Yes, the Medical Solutions MSP Portal, offers you real-time access to all your travelers’ documentation. In fact, we manage all credentialing paperwork and upload it to your MSP Portal, so you can focus on patient care, not administrative tasks. This user-friendly technology allows you to predict, budget, and drive future staffing decisions.

There is no additional expense to your facility for our services.

Simply fill out our contact us form or call one of our experts at 866.633.3548 today. We look forward to discussing how our staffing approach can help your facility.