Amplifying the Voices of Our Nation’s Caregivers: A Call to Listen

In our recent Voices of Care survey of core hospital staff working as RNs and APRNs at the bedside, we explored the transitions and challenges these nurses have faced during the pandemic and the obstacles they still face today.

We cannot emphasize enough to healthcare leaders the value of listening to the needs and voices of these caregivers. The data we uncovered illustrates the characteristics, attitudes, and behaviors of your core nursing staff, and what keeps them in your facility.

• 69% prioritize permanency due to family.
• 61% value consistent income.
• 64% of those preferring career development cited specialized skills as “very important.”
• 68% of respondents in the 20-29 age group value mental health support.

These are just some of our findings! Discover the significance of this data and how it informs your talent and acquisition strategies.

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