Empowering the Voices of America’s Caregivers: Who They Are and What They Value

In our latest Voices of Care survey of RNs nationwide, we gained valuable insight into these caregivers’ attitudes, behaviors, and priorities to inform healthcare facilities and help them make informed, data-driven decisions regarding recruiting and retaining staff.

The information collected through this survey is an accumulation of the responses of over 7,000 RNs. Key findings include:

  • A higher salary is the main priority for 97% of nurses who choose to travel.
  • Travel nursing is very appealing–19% of our perm nurses and 14% of our per diem respondents reported their desire to transition.
  • Salary increases and hiring additional staff to alleviate workload pressures are the primary factors contributing significantly to retaining nurses in the profession.

See these statistics and more in our comprehensive findings and discover how they can help inform your talent retention and acquisition strategies.

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