Elevate Workforce Quality with Our Clinical Team


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Elevating clinical excellence is about setting yourself up for success in the long-term healthcare game. That’s the secret to building a talent pipeline that’s as resilient as it is reliable, so you can weather any storm and keep delivering top-notch care.

Enter our Clinical Team—the very embodiment of raising the bar on clinical quality, offering unmatched support and expertise every step of the hiring journey. Picture this: you get to cherry-pick from a pool of top-tier talent, ensuring that every clinician who walks through your doors is not only skilled but also perfectly aligned with your organization’s culture. You start building a dream team that’s all in, all the time. And with ongoing support and performance management, you’re not just filling roles; you’re nurturing relationships that last.

What is the Medical Solutions’ Clinical Team?

With over 100 years of collective nursing experience, Medical Solutions’ in-house team of RNs, known as the Clinical Team, is the heartbeat of every operation. The team comprises nurse leaders and performance management administrative professionals, all from various clinical backgrounds. The Clinical Team is integral to our mission of connecting care, offering support, guidance, and expertise to clients and clinicians every step of the way. That excellence is reflected in our 100% Joint Commission audit score.

What does the Clinical Team do?

For our clients, the Clinical Team’s focus is to elevate clinical quality. From pre-screening to recommending ideal candidates, they remain a steadfast resource throughout the hiring journey, only recommending the most qualified clinicians so you can:

  • Reduce time-to-fill rates
  • Increase retention rates
  • Minimize backfill
  • Optimize workflow
  • Elevate patient care

Our Clinical Team is adept at streamlining the clinician hiring process, taking the time to get to know candidates with a specialized four-step process to find you the perfect clinical and cultural match. Because of this, Medical Solutions clients typically see a 96% assignment completion rate.

How does the 4-step specialized hiring process work?

Step 1: During implementation, our Clinical Team works closely with you to craft a detailed hiring strategy that aligns with your expectations, requirements, and facility culture.

Step 2: Based on your preferences, the team will locate, pre-screen, and recommend ideal candidates for your facility.

Step 3: The team can conduct full interviews and present offers on your behalf. If needed, they can interview during off-hours and on weekends.

Step 4: After placement, our Clinical Team remains involved during the clinician’s assignment, monitoring performance and providing ongoing job coaching and counseling. They offer professional guidance and serve as a supportive sounding board during challenging times, ensuring that clinicians are happy and thriving at your facility.

Overall, the Clinical Team plays a pivotal role within Medical Solutions’ healthcare talent ecosystem, facilitating the connection between clients and clinicians while upholding standards of clinical excellence and patient care.

How to leverage the Clinical Team for your own strategic advantage:

Leveraging the expertise and resources of the Clinical Team can help you gain a competitive edge with hiring. Here’s how:

Cultivate a talent-rich environment

Through the Clinical Team’s meticulous screening process, you can be confident you’re only receiving clinicians who possess the requisite skills and align with your organization’s values and culture. At Medical Solutions, we like to say “Talent that fits in, goes all in.” Attracting and retaining top talent fosters a supportive and engaging work environment for clinicians, which then attracts more top talent, cultivating a talent-rich environment.

Build a resilient talent pipeline

The ongoing support and performance management provided by the Clinical Team can help cultivate long-term relationships with your clinicians. By investing in this kind of professional development and well-being for your workforce, you can future-proof your organization against talent shortages and disruptions, ensuring continuity of care and stability for patients.

Maximize operational efficiency

The Clinical Team helps streamline operations and optimize workflow for more efficiency and effectiveness within your own healthcare ecosystem. By minimizing administrative burdens and reducing time-to-fill rates, you have the breathing room to allocate resources more strategically, allowing your clinicians to focus on delivering high-quality patient care.

Our Clinical Team is here to support you every step of the way. Reach out to Medical Solutions today and experience firsthand the difference their expertise and dedication can make in optimizing your clinical operations and enhancing patient care.