Executive Insights: Navigating Success in Healthcare Staffing


By Jennifer Melham

In our most recent Staffing Unplugged podcast episode, we hear from Medical Solutions’ Chief Commercial Officer, Chase Farmer, as he unpacked the scope of our healthcare talent ecosystem and uncovered why finding a comprehensive staffing partner is critical for hospital leaders looking for holistic solutions.

Chase leads the team responsible for solutions design, working with current and prospective clients to establish partnerships and help build clarity around the goals and objectives of each specific organization to tailor solutions to their unique needs effectively.

Differentiating the Healthcare Talent Ecosystem

The largest differentiator between traditional staffing agencies and Medical Solutions, says Chase, is the way our healthcare talent ecosystem focuses on innovation and strategic partnerships. Traditional agencies often offer very transactional services, whereas, at Medical Solutions, clients can expect comprehensive, personalized services and solutions that look to the future rather than simply being reactive to current needs.

This strategic, data-driven approach allows for an intimate understanding of what positions need to be filled and why and delves into how organizations can control costs and improve efficiencies. By offering a wide range of services—travel, local, permanent, per diem, and international—Medical Solutions provides a holistic approach to staffing that aligns with the overall business goals and objectives of its partners.

“A facility could add a new department in a relatively rural area where they don’t have the equipment or the staff to maintain it, for instance, and an organization like Medical Solutions can help provide whatever they might need from a staffing perspective: mid-levels, nurses, techs, etc.” – Chase Farmer

Adapting to Industry Changes for a Better Future

Not just recently, but throughout the last decade, we’ve seen significant changes in the healthcare staffing industry as organizations shifted from seeking short-term coverage to establishing long-term plans and strategies. It’s important for healthcare leaders and staffing agencies alike to embrace this shift. Medical Solutions has long offered managed services to streamline interactions with outside agencies and standardize processes.

Looking forward to 2024, Medical Solutions is on the forefront of even more innovative services and strategies to revolutionize healthcare organizations, including the recent update and release of our technology platform, ciro. The capabilities of this technology enable healthcare organizations to not only leverage their partnership with Medical Solutions but also have several additional features allowing them autonomy—such as the ability to manage their own float pool. This technology is a significant step forward in streamlining processes and providing access to diverse solutions.

This is a recap of our latest Staffing Unplugged Podcast episode, featuring Medical Solutions CCO, Chase Farmer. To learn more about what differentiates our healthcare talent ecosystem and what we can do for your healthcare organization, contact Medical Solutions today!

Jennifer Melham is a Content Specialist for Medical Solutions