Cost-Effective Solutions to Grow your Local Workforce


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The journey to fill your local talent pool with top-tier contract clinicians isn’t just about finding the right talent; it’s also about navigating cost-effective recruitment strategies to optimize resources and financial investments. From harnessing the specialized expertise of local staffing organizations to embracing cutting-edge technology, each step towards assembling a quality team of local clinicians must balance efficiency and affordability. Here’s a range of solutions that can help reshape your local recruitment strategies to be not just impactful but budget-conscious. Because it’s not just about finding the best—it’s about finding the best in the most cost-effective way possible.

Start with Targeted Hiring Strategies

Utilize healthcare job boards and industry-specific platforms.

Find platforms that are tailored specifically for healthcare roles, ensuring your job postings reach the right candidates with the right qualifications and experience for your open positions. Posting jobs on general platforms may attract applicants who are unqualified, wasting time and resources in the screening process.

Collaborate with schools, colleges, and local training programs.

Establishing connections with educational institutions gives you access to fresh graduates or students with practical training, increasing your potential recruitment opportunities for Gen Z and Gen Alpha clinicians.

Motivated to enhance their careers, new generations of clinicians seek career growth, and a well-suited mentorship program can aid in this. If possible, consider partnering closely with training programs to tailor the curriculum to suit your specific workforce needs. With an expanded pipeline for future talent with practical training, you are ensuring that future talent is better equipped for these high-demand positions.

Find out more about welcoming Gen Z into the healthcare workforce by downloading our white paper, Connecting Gen Z: How to Prepare for the New Healthcare Workforce.

Adopt A Flexible Staffing Model

Implement flexible scheduling to optimize staffing levels.

Flexible scheduling allows you to adjust staffing levels according to patient flow and demand, ensuring adequate coverage during peak hours without overstaffing during slower periods, maximizing efficiency. This kind of workforce elasticity can also help improve employee satisfaction and work-life balance, potentially reducing turnover rates.

Offer part-time or per diem positions to attract a diverse workforce.

Some clinicians have different lifestyle needs or commitments, while others simply prefer part-time roles. Offering short-term or as-needed positions attracts a wider pool of candidates seeking flexible work arrangements and can help retain experienced staff who might be seeking it elsewhere. Not to mention, technology like Matchwell can help you easily source, place, and manage these clinicians with a simple monthly subscription fee. This allows you to have staff available during peak times without the need for full-time hires, minimizing costs.

Float staff between facilities.

Also referred to as internal travel, sharing staff across different facilities within the same healthcare network is better resource optimization, ensuring that staffing levels are aligned with demand, preventing over- or understaffing. Clinicians enjoy it because they get to experience more mobility, adding variety to their working environments while strengthening and diversifying their clinical skills.

If an in-house solution sounds right for you, check out this helpful article on the pros and cons of growing an internal program.

Connect with the Right People

Seek government support and incentives.

Research healthcare-specific grants or subsidies to help finance local staffing expansion or engage with government-funded healthcare workforce development initiatives. Oftentimes, you can also collaborate with local healthcare associations or agencies for more resources on how to help reduce any financial burdens.

Harness the specialized expertise of local staffing agencies.

Staffing agencies specializing in local healthcare recruitment have in-depth knowledge of the local talent pool, industry requirements, and job market dynamics. They often have extensive networks, with more access to niche candidates. Some workforce solutions partners, like Medical Solutions, provide their local contract clinicians health insurance and other W2 benefits that would otherwise cause your facility additional costs. Outsourcing recruitment to agencies like these is an option that could save you time and resources in sourcing and screening qualified talent.

Collaborate closely with legal and HR to manage various employment categories.

Working closely with these internal departments helps establish clear guidelines and prevents any misunderstandings or conflicts. It’s important to be sure that in expanding flexible employment arrangements for your clinicians, you’re also adhering to the proper labor laws, regulations, and compliance standards, minimizing legal risks.

Take Advantage of Staffing Technology and Automation

Use healthcare-specific technology to customize your recruitment workflow.

Software designed for healthcare staffing helps streamline the entire hiring process from start to finish, sourcing those “perfect fit” candidates more efficiently. Recruitment-specific tech filters resumes based on your desired clinician skill sets and qualifications, automates application tracking, and simplifies the review process so that no clinician is overlooked, and you don’t waste valuable time or resources with unqualified candidates.

Embrace AI-driven tools for more intuitive candidate matching.

Predictive analytics can help alert you to potential issues affecting employee retention so proactive measures can be taken to improve job satisfaction and employee turnover. AI tools can also identify patterns in hiring and matching candidates with positions based on qualifications and cultural fit, improving the likelihood of successful placements.

Today, technology platforms like Medical Solutions’ ciro talent management, make a once complex process more streamlined. Where you can effortlessly manage onboarding, job postings, assignments, credentials, and timekeeping in one platform.

It’s time to elevate your local recruitment strategies for cost-effective growth. Take the next step today by reaching out to Medical Solutions. Our team of experts can help you build a local workforce, piece by piece—optimizing your staffing solutions with innovative and budget-conscious approaches. Connect with us today!