Lessons From Leadership: Building an Alliance Through an MSP


scott armstrong headshot with text reading lessons from leadership building an alliance through an msp

By Jennifer Melham

Due to the pandemic, the healthcare and staffing industries have gone through a lot in the past few years. Hospital systems around the country are taking very intentional and deep investigations into how their processes are set up and what they can do to improve them.

Successful hospital leaders have moved beyond the idea that an agency or MSP program is a “necessary evil.” Instead, they’ve embraced the true spirit of partnership.

As Scott Armstrong, Vice President of Client Growth at Medical Solutions, puts it in our latest Q&A, “The ideas and initiatives that are important to you are also important to us, and the solution we ultimately design will enhance and support your strategic initiatives and goals, ultimately benefiting your system and the communities you serve.”

Armstrong examines the value an MSP brings to healthcare organizations and how important it is for that MSP to be a true partner and resource for all the clients that we support.

Q: How Does Medical Solutions Uniquely Address Staffing Issues?

Our key differentiator is that we never apply a “one-size-fits-all” approach for any client. Rather, we will take the time to understand the goals and issues and work through a solution design process that enables us to meet our clients where they are.

Our healthcare talent ecosystem equips our client partners in a way that allows them to combat any staffing crisis earlier in the hiring process. Our clients can breathe easier knowing that they’re aligning themselves with a partner invested in the entire staffing process and aren’t sitting in wait for the most expensive and critical way to insert themselves into the equation.

Q: How is the Medical Solutions’ MSP different?

Other agencies offer and position multiple options within their singular company that effectively do the same thing—so these programs are competing for the same clinical talent and affiliate agency support, thereby cannibalizing each other internally and in the overall marketplace.

Medical Solutions, however, takes an all-in approach with our MSP. When you trust us with this highest level of partnership, we reward that decision by providing you with every resource with nothing distracting us from delivering the pinnacle of exceptional customer experience.

Q: Will Your MSP Help Our Organization Stay Compliant?

Elevating clinical quality and minimizing the risk of non-compliance are two pillars of our MSP program!

Managing compliance documents of multiple clinicians supplied by multiple agencies can be a struggle for your organization. Our MSP streamlines these processes while expanding the recruitment reach for each open position and consolidates credentialing into our streamlined process. All agencies supporting the program operate under this, creating one source of truth and one format designed for each client’s specific needs and desires.

All documents are stored, maintained, and updated 24/7 on our ciro talent management platform.

Q: Our Hiring Situation and Staffing Needs Are Complex, How Can You Help?

We’ve operated as an industry leader in this space for over 20 years. When we talk about how much we’ve grown, we refer to the number and variety of solutions we offer our clients through our healthcare talent ecosystem.

This ecosystem has been built through organic growth and strategic acquisitions. Every decision we make is driven by the idea of providing more resources, solutions, and support to our clients without increasing costs.

We understand that healthcare systems urgently seek ways to combat the healthcare staffing crisis. Our ecosystem approach includes:

  • Permanent Hiring Support
  • Access to Local Talent Pools
  • Internal Resource Pool Development and Management
  • Assistance with Internal Travel Agency
  • International Recruitment

This allows our clients to move past the traditional approach to staffing as we partner and engage earlier and more often in the process with our full complement of services.