Lessons from Leadership: Building Lasting Client Relationships Amidst Evolving Industry Expectations


Kevin Walsh on Building Lasting Client Relationships

By Tara Drosset

Today’s strategic partnerships are no longer just about swift, high-quality placements. Over the years, expectations in the healthcare industry have shifted dramatically, demanding more out of a total talent partnership, like cost-effectiveness, real-time industry insights, and a robust supplier network.

Kevin Walsh, Vice President of Client Success, discusses Medical Solution’s adaptive approach to these changing expectations. Expanding the healthcare talent ecosystem to align with clients’ needs, offering innovative solutions with unparalleled service.

Q: How have industry needs evolved over the past several years, and how can healthcare leaders better prepare for the future of staffing?

A: Historically, organizations have viewed companies like Medical Solutions as staffing agencies, and success was determined by how quickly a job could be filled with a quality candidate.

Today, being a strategic partner is of the utmost importance. Providing quality candidates in an appropriate timeframe is and will always continue to be a top priority. But can you do it at a reasonable price? Can you provide real-time industry data and insights to help drive critical decisions? Are you a trusted partner with a strong network of suppliers, thus expanding the reach for talent? Do you have multiple service channels to help reduce the need for contingent labor? Does your technology help streamline processes, reducing manual touchpoints?

These are the questions that healthcare leaders should be asking about their current or potential partners. And this is why we continue to expand our healthcare talent ecosystem, finding innovative ways to serve our clients with additional services and technology.

Q: What are some ways we can adapt to meet clients where they are?

A: We take a consultative approach to our partnerships, helping organizations get ahead of their staffing needs and move away from the reactive tendencies of the past. The first step is to actively listen and gain a deeper understanding of the origin of their problems. What comes next needs to be a holistic approach intended to solve problems, not simply staff them. Through collaborative decision-making, we can find win-win opportunities that make sense for both entities.

Contingent labor will always be a piece of the puzzle. Our goal is to help clients find the optimal volume, which can vary depending on each client’s unique needs. We can achieve this by utilizing the diverse strategies that exist within our talent management ecosystem.

Q: How is a client success team structured to nurture long-lasting communication and support?

A: We heavily invest in our client-facing teams to ensure we deliver a best-in-class experience. Each client is partnered with a team starting from the production level with Account Managers and on-boarders up through multiple levels of leadership to provide an unmatched level of experience. The majority of our leader’s tenure exceeds a decade in the industry. This, of course, is in addition to the exceptional customer service Medical Solutions has always been known for.

Our leadership team is aligned in a manner that allows them to focus on a limited number of clients and provide individualized attention to understand and solve their unique needs. This approach allows our Account Management team to stay focused on executing today’s priority, order fulfillment. It frees up leaders of both organizations to strategize on long-term solutions to address underlying issues at the root of the problem.