Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Burden : Our Process for Selecting and Vetting Nurses


By Jennifer Melham

Not all workforce solutions partners evaluate incoming job candidates in the same way, which ultimately has a huge impact on your healthcare facility. Any healthcare staffing agency can follow a basic set of best practices. However, the stringent process we have at Medical Solutions for selecting and vetting potential nurses for your organization is beyond the standard of what other agencies provide.

How so?

Our process includes evaluating our candidates to make sure travelers are a good fit for their assignment, ensuring that our affiliates and those who work with us are meeting joint commission requirements , and filling your staffing needs with travelers that will reduce the burden on your perm staff, with contract completion.

The benefits of having a clinical team on staff with in-healthcare experience also cannot be overstated. When selecting a workforce solutions partner, you’ll want to take note of the services their clinical team offers! The clinical team here at Medical Solutions provides extensive services, fulfilling several different roles:

  • Interviewing and Screening Clinicians
  • Ensuring Best Practices for Orientation and Onboarding
  • Making Offers on Behalf of Facilities
  • Providing Clinician Support, Mentorship, and Oversight
  • Managing Review Committee Process
  • Ensuring Continual Joint Commission Accreditation Readiness

It’s our clinical team’s responsibility to balance clinician needs with our clients’ needs, and we are always focused on how to best do so. We understand the workflow and the requirements to place the right person in the right facility. With these strategic minds on your team, you can expect a personalized and customized relationship from your workforce solutions partner.

Evaluating Our Candidates

Our RN candidates conduct a rigorous skill and setting checklist for their assignment, where we verify their work history, technology experience, certifications, and licensure. But even before that happens, we have a comprehensive and in-depth list of behavioral and skill-based questions for them to answer.

With this extensive vetting practice, we’re able to identify the best candidates for your assignment. You can trust that the clinicians we place in your facility are ready to hit the ground running, reducing your staffing burdens on day one and completing their assignments.

“The average clinician is going to a facility for 13 weeks. They must be ready, with minimal training and minimal orientation at that facility, so it’s up to us to ensure they’re strong in their skillset and can adapt quickly to their environment.” – Holly Bass, Recruitment EVP

We know that you prioritize patient safety above all else, and so do we. Our process ensures they’re a high-quality talent and culture fit for your facility. This minimizes the risk of errors and helps ensure your facility is staffed with clinicians aligned with your organization’s values and practices, promoting a safe and reliable patient care environment.

The Unmatched Quality of Our Nurses

Evaluating our candidates doesn’t stop once they’ve taken an assignment—open and consistent communication with clients is the key. At the end of every travel assignment, we reach out to the facility for feedback on that clinician. Keeping in communication with clients on how clinicians perform from the employer’s perspective helps us align and keep our quality of clinicians at the level our clients and their patients deserve. Our expectation is to provide you with nothing less than top-qualified candidates for your facility.

“Our focus is connecting the right person for the right facility at the right time. If it was our parent, child, sibling, spouse… we want to know they’re taken care of, and that’s why we make sure the candidates we’re placing are highly skilled, highly competent, and effectively trained to go into the location they’re pursuing.” – Patti Artley, Chief Nursing Officer

The quality of the nurses we send to your assignments directly correlates with the expectations of quality of care delivered in your facility; they reflect your organization, and we understand the importance of maintaining that level of care both in skillset and culture fit. We’re committed to providing dedicated nurses who can effectively and seamlessly integrate into your facility to ensure your patients receive the best possible care and achieve the best possible and positive outcomes.

Reducing the Burden on Your Perm Staff

Because our travelers must first have verifiable experience as perm nurses before joining Medical Solutions, they come to their assignments with experience, expertise, and specializations that your existing perm staff may not have—travelers can step in as charge nurses, maternity leave coverage, and more. This allows your facility more flexibility with scheduling and covering shifts.

The Masterminds of Medical Solutions: Our Clinical Team

The involvement of our clinical team is what sets Medical Solutions apart. They are here to act as a resource, assistant, coach, and mentor for the travelers we place on assignments. They’re committed to providing ongoing support and professional development opportunities for the nurses we place in healthcare facilities—which for your facility results in high-performing, engaged staff who will see their contract to completion.

“Our clinical team’s relationship with our clients is very different from anything I’ve experienced in any of the hospital settings I’ve worked in. We work with our clients as their partners to meet all their workforce goals, beyond simply just supplying high-quality travelers.” – Patti Artley, Chief Nursing Officer

We believe in always keeping your burden reduction at the forefront of our customer service, which is evident in our practices, even assisting your facility in conducting interviews and making offers. When you work with our clinical team, you have a senior clinician taking ownership. They have first-hand knowledge of how hospitals run, the workflow, and the requirements to match your facility with the right clinicians.

Medical Solutions is Joint Commission certified, helping to protect your facility’s reputation and accreditation status. Contact our team today to learn more about our healthcare talent ecosystem and the services we provide!

Jennifer Melham is a Content Specialist for Medical Solutions