Podcast: The Marriage of Technology and Human-First Approach Delivers Results


Curious about what makes the right workforce partner? Or what matters most in a healthcare staffing solution? Then grab your ear buds and take 10 minutes to hear healthcare staffing insights in a new podcast episode from HealthLeaders and Medical Solutions. 

In the interview, the finance editor from HealthLeaders gets perspective from Joel Tremblay, chief operating officer with Medical Solutions. The conversation turns to the human element of the hiring process, and how the best workforce partners understand and emphasize having real people involved in hiring, especially in an increasingly tech-heavy world. 

“All of our clients are unique, and have specific needs that need to be met,” Tremblay said. “We want technology platforms at the forefront that are going to be transparent but be predictive… a tool that our partners can use in a way that helps them predict what it is they’re going to need, but also making sure that we’re interacting with both clients and with the clinicians in ways that put together quality matches, and really focused on making sure the right clinician is going to the right job.”

Tremblay covers other topics as well, including the importance of scale and reach, and how the best hiring solutions can help their clients open up as many supply markets as possible. That could be travel, local, or on a per diem basis.

You can listen to the entire podcast episode here, or on your preferred streaming platform (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, SoundCloud). Want even more insights? Read the recent Q&A HealthLeaders conducted with Medical Solutions on predictive modeling as well.  

If you’re curious about the entire workforce ecosystem of solutions, advice, and direction that Medical Solutions can offer, our experts are ready to help. Reach out to start or schedule a conversation today. 

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