Loyalty Bonus Program

Our travelers earn an extra $600 for every 600 hours worked! 

We believe that your dedication, hard work and loyalty should always be rewarded. You continue to do what you do best to earn your $600 bonus and we’ll handle everything else! 

No need to sign up! When you start your first assignment, you’re immediately enrolled in our loyalty bonus program. We’ll keep track of all your hours worked, but if you want to check the status of your bonus, you can reach out to your recruiter. Your on-call hours won’t count toward your loyalty bonus but call back and all other hours do! So, you can pick up extra hours or extra shifts if you’d like! 

Bonus to the loyalty bonus—unlimited payouts! When you hit your 600 hours and earn the $600 loyalty bonus, your hours will start over and you immediately get right back to earning towards your next bonus. Don’t worry about your hours going away if you decide to take a break. We’ll keep your earned hours banked and they’ll be waiting for you when you return.