Completing your timesheet correctly and submitting it by the deadline are important steps in you getting paid correctly and on time each week. 

How to Submit Your Timesheet with the Medical Solutions app:

  • Search “Medical Solutions” in the Apple App or Google Play store.
  • Download and launch the app, then select “sign up” and enroll using the same email address you used for the nurse portal.
  • Depending on your facility’s protocol, you’ll be asked to either upload and submit a photo of your completed, signed paper timesheet or to digitally enter and submit your hours each week. For each assignment, your app will be preset to automatically lead you down the correct path for your facility!
  • Once you’re logged in, just follow the simple, in-app instructions to complete and submit your timesheet each week by the Monday 3 p.m. CT deadline.
  • If you need to download and/or print a paper timesheet, you can find them below.
  • Remember to use military time.
  • Be sure to include all in and out times — not just total hours — including lunch times.
  • Note any exceptions or irregularities, for example: no lunch, stayed late on case, left early, sent home by hospital, cancelled hours, etc.
  • Be sure to sign your name and have your timesheet signed by your supervisor.
  • Remember to submit your timesheet each week by Monday 3 p.m. CT in order to get paid on time!

View our quick timesheet tutorial video for more on how to submit your timesheet with the Medical Solutions app.

Questions? Contact your Recruiter or call 866.633.3548.

Important: Timesheets without supervisor signatures will not be processed.