Completing your timesheet correctly and submitting it by the deadline are important steps in you getting paid correctly and on time each week. 

How to Submit Your Timesheet

  • Download and print your timesheet.
  • The standard timesheet starts on Sunday, but please see below if you need to download a timesheet starting on another day, per your facility. When in doubt, fill Sunday out!
  • Use military time, print your name (if it’s not already pre-printed), and write clearly.
  • Be sure to list all in and out times — not just total hours — including lunch times.
  • Note any exceptions or irregularities in the “Comments.” For example: no lunch, stayed late on case, left early, sent home by hospital, cancelled hours, etc.
  • Sign your name and date.
  • Have your timesheet signed by your supervisor.
  • Email your completed, signed timesheet to timesheet@medicalsolutions.com or fax it to 1.866.357.2102.
  • Submit your timesheet each week by Monday 3 p.m. CT.


Questions? Contact your Recruiter or call 866.633.3548.

Important: Timesheets without supervisor signatures will not be processed.