5 TED Talks for Healthcare Leaders

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In need of a little inspiration? Healthcare Staffing Blog has compiled a collection of TED Talks to help you gain fresh insights and new perspectives on issues facing the ever-evolving healthcare industry. These 5 TED Talks for healthcare leaders will be sure to leave you feeling motivated and refreshed!

The doctors, nurses, and aid workers rebuilding Syria: “The reason that people survive in crisis is because of the remarkable work of the people in crisis themselves,” says humanitarian aid entrepreneur and TED Fellow Rola Hallam. Hallam is the founder of CanDo, an organization committed to helping first responders save lives in war-torn communities. In her powerful presentation, Hallam describes her experiences in Syria where one of her campaigns crowdfunded a pediatric hospital. It opened in 2017 and has been fittingly named Hope Hospital.

Hearts for my father’s land: Dr. Ohaju of CHI St. Joseph Healthcare System in Bryan, Texas talks about how his childhood in Nigeria led him to pursue a career in medicine. Now, he’s exploring ways to bring modern healthcare to his home country. His inspirational talk will no doubt remind many healthcare leaders why they joined the profession in the first place.

There’s no shame in taking care of your mental health: It’s no secret that healthcare professionals are at risk for burnout and other mental health challenges. That’s why TED Fellow Sangu Delle’s personal discussion on stress and anxiety will resonate with all healthcare providers. In his moving performance, Delle asks his audience to help end the stigma of mental health issues by talking with friends and loved ones. “We need to see mental health as important as physical health,” he says. “We need to stop suffering in silence.”

How to do more with less in healthcare: Jan Denecker, the director of healthcare marketing and strategy for UPS, shares his theories on how to solve some of the industry’s challenges during his recent TED Talk. His ideas might just surprise you.

A tribute to nurses:  “Nurses have a really unique relationship with us because of the time spent at [the] bedside,” says Carolyn Jones, a cancer survivor. Grateful for the nursing care she received, Jones spent five years interviewing, photographing, and filming nurses across the U.S. She shares personal stories from the front lines of care in a celebration of nurses everywhere.

As a healthcare leader, are there other TED talks you’d recommend? Let us know in the comments below!

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