Dameron Hospital Accelerates Hiring Process with Medical Solutions

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For more than a century, Dameron Hospital has been providing quality healthcare to the residents of San Joaquin County, California. The non-profit community hospital is a recognized regional leader in the areas of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery, Orthopedics, Bariatric Surgery, General Acute Care, and Emergency and Intensive Care Services.

The Challenge:

Two years ago, Senior Director of Nursing Support Services Dianna Goodwin, MSN RN-BC spent most of her day searching for qualified nursing candidates. Her hospital had used a VMS; however, coordinating the hiring process was still time-consuming.

“I had to look at candidate profiles and weed out the qualified ones myself,” says Dianna. “Then, I had to send the qualified profiles to different directors and coordinate interviews. Sometimes, I would handle more than 15 phone calls a day. It was all on me.”

To complicate matters, Dianna couldn’t always rely on the VMS to quickly produce quality candidates. The software was also difficult to use, especially when trying to upload or view a Travel Nurse’s credentials. In 2015, she began working with Medical Solutions to help her bridge the staffing gap.

“Medical Solutions provided qualified applicants in a timely manner,” recalls Dianna. “At one point, we had more Travel Nurses from Medical Solutions than we did from the VMS.”

The Solution:

Dianna knew her workload wasn’t sustainable, so she started searching for a solution.

“I knew there were other options out there, so I started the process of looking at companies that offered an MSP solution,” says Dianna.

That’s when Medical Solutions’ Client Manager Pamela Collins suggested her company’s managed service provider, Medical Solutions. Pamela knew that the MSP could help Dameron rapidly find quality candidates, streamline its workforce processes, and help mitigate its risk in hiring temporary staff.

“At the end of the day, Medical Solutions showed us they could perform for us,” says Dianna.

The Result:

For Dianna, the switch to Medical Solutions has been life-changing.

“Medical Solutions has worked with me to develop processes that have made my job easier,” Dianna says. “I no longer have to comb through all that information, set up interviews, or handle multiple phone calls. Now, I can focus on my staff’s needs and other major projects.”

In addition, Medical Solutions also handles Dameron’s credential management to ensure each Travel Nurse meets compliance and regulatory standards.

“With MSP, I can find complete Traveler documentation myself,” says Dianna. “It’s all in one place—I don’t have to worry about it. Now, when the Joint Commission comes to visit, I have faith that it’s all correct and done before they get here.”

For more information about Medical Solutions, visit www.medicalsolutions.com today.

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