MSPs – What they are and why they might be beneficial to you

Healthcare Staffing, Hospital Management

An MSP is basically a business partner that staffs your hospital for you. They take over your short-term contract staffing so your perm staff can focus on what’s most important…quality and patient care. A good MSP should share your values and goals, which in turn, should lead your facility to greater success.

Some benefits of an MSP include:

  • Reduction of time spent dealing with various other agencies, allowing your operation to run more efficiently without interruption. Single point of contact.
  • Custom tracking and reporting.
  • Minimize time spent in pre-screening & hiring.
  • Eliminate costs for advertising and benefits.
  • Dedicated Compliance Manager to manage protocol and
  • paperwork.
  • Drastically reduce costs associated with turnover, improve quality of patient care and decrease nurse-to-patient ratios.


To learn more about Medical Solutions Managed Service Provider (MSP) click here.


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