Top Questions from Facilities Working with a Healthcare MSP

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As a leading managed service provider in healthcare staffing, Medical Solutions Plus often receives questions from facilities about how to streamline or restructure their current hiring process. If your facility is considering a partnership with an MSP, below are some of the most frequently asked questions we hear from prospective hospital clients:

What is a managed service provider?

A managed service provider (MSP) is a company that manages a hospital’s contingent labor. Some MSPs, like Medical Solutions Plus, handle all aspects of a facility’s contingent workforce, including talent acquisition, billing, timekeeping, credentialing, supplier management, on-boarding, and orientation.

How can an MSP improve the types of candidates we see?

Medical Solutions Plus has access to a nationwide talent pool that allows us to quickly recruit and place qualified candidates at your facility. Medical Solutions clinicians must also pass a multi-point screening process that includes verification of identity, health requirements, licensure/certification, and education/orientation, as well as a thorough investigation of personal background and professional experience.

If we partner with Medical Solutions Plus, wouldn’t this be like putting all our eggs in one basket?

Not at all. Our hospital partners will also have access to thousands of supplemental candidates through our vendor network. This network allows us to expand your search through additional staffing agencies while maintaining a single point of contact with your MSP Account Manager.

Is Medical Solutions Plus vendor neutral?

Yes, both our internal recruitment team and our partner staffing agencies simultaneously work to fill your open positions. We encourage our suppliers to advance their best candidates with a streamlined submission process and a low service fee. As a result, you will receive only the most experienced healthcare professionals.

Can we tier the list of providers you use?

Absolutely! While Medical Solutions Plus uses an established tiering system based on past vendor performance, we will also work with your facility’s most trusted suppliers upon request.

Do you handle credentialing?

Yes, the Medical Solutions Plus team handles credentialing through a two-point audit process. We are committed to finding and correcting any errors, tracking down missing documents, and ensuring timely starts. We also run monthly background checks on every Traveler and automatically monitor all expirations.

Moreover, we are proud to have been one of the first healthcare staffing agencies to earn Joint Commission Certification, along with their Gold Seal of Approval. Since then, we have maintained zero RFI for more than eight years and have earned a perfect score on our last six Joint Commission audits.

How do you handle invoices from multiple vendors?

We consolidate all vendor billing into a single invoice using a uniform format, so you no longer have to worry about individual suppliers or specific terms. We can also simplify the reconciliation process by connecting to your facility’s timekeeping system.

Do you have a software platform?

Here at Medical Solutions Plus, we keep technology and the human element at the forefront of what we do. Our web-based software, the MSP Portal, allows you to track your entire contingent staff so you can make data-driven staffing decisions. Our team of professionals also handles all credential management and uploads all documentation to your unique MSP Portal.


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