Executive Insights: Stabilizing Your Workforce


By Jennifer Melham

In our latest episode of the Staffing Unplugged podcast, Medical Solutions’ Vice President of Client Success Kevin Walsh joins us to unveil the pressing challenges faced by healthcare organizations today, particularly in terms of staffing and recruitment. Kevin sheds light on strategies for success, the importance of addressing staffing issues, and positive trends we can expect in the future of healthcare staffing.

Kevin is responsible for the account management team at Medical Solutions, ensuring client satisfaction through timely job fulfillment, relationship management, and alignment of strategic goals. His expertise provides valuable insight into how to best navigate staffing challenges and thrive in this evolving landscape.

Healthcare Staffing Challenges

The biggest staffing opportunities for healthcare organizations are in talent acquisition and retention. Cost reduction must always remain a priority, however attracting and retaining the right clinicians is crucial. Those clinicians seek flexibility, and when unable to get it may suffer from issues like burnout, decreased job satisfaction, and high turnover rates. All of this can certainly deteriorate patient care.

Success Strategies

Addressing these challenges requires organizations to focus on creating an appealing workplace culture with transparent leadership, growth opportunities, and fair compensation—making the retention of existing talent a top priority, followed by strong recruitment support to fill any talent gaps.

Addressing Staffing Issues

The staffing issues that can arise by not prioritizing talent acquisition and retention include burnout, as mentioned above, in addition to decreased morale, operational inefficiencies, and financial strain, all negatively affecting patient care, not to mention your health system’s reputation.

Organizations must take a strategic approach to addressing these issues, by creating an environment that supports the wellbeing of clinicians, offers flexibility, and provides work/life harmony. This will ultimately help retain staff and improve their satisfaction.

Trends in Healthcare Staffing

Trends in healthcare staffing include the continued influence of technology, such as AI, which can automate manual processes and free up teams to focus on high-value, human-centric actions. This shift in tasks can lead to a re-evaluation of which skills are most important in roles like recruitment.

Additionally, transparency is becoming increasingly important, with organizations embracing visibility and openness in client and clinician rates. This transparency helps both clients and clinicians make informed decisions and strengthens partnerships in the industry.

Kevin stresses that Medical Solutions’ commitment to services, strategy, and technology will continue, to leverage tech advancements to enhance the human-first tailored solutions that Medical Solutions is known for.

This article is a recap of our most recent Staffing Unplugged Podcast episode, featuring VP of Client Success, Kevin Walsh. To learn more about how we can help with your success, contact Medical Solutions today!

Jennifer Melham is a healthcare staffing content specialist based in Southern California, known for engaging and informative articles tailored to healthcare leaders and clinicians. With a passion for celebrating the invaluable work of nurses and other healthcare providers, her writing offers insightful perspectives on workforce trends and practices.