What to Look for in a Staffing Partner

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The nursing shortage has only increased amid the COVID-19 pandemic—further enhancing the need for a healthcare staffing partner to serve as a resource to fill open job positions as soon as possible. 

To ensure facilities don’t fall further behind in staffing nurses and have access to top talent when it is needed most, it’s important to recognize that not all healthcare staffing partners are the same, and there is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Travis Powers, vice president of sales at Medical Solutions, shares five key factors to look for when choosing a healthcare staffing partner that is right for you:

1. Understand the company’s reach.

Every staffing firm has a different level of recruitment power. If your facility’s needs are not time sensitive, having a firm with a shallow talent pool might suffice. But if you have an urgent, large job order, a partner with a deep talent pool that they can access quickly and efficiently may serve as a better fit to ensure your goals and needs are being met.

2. Recognize top-tier talent.

When it comes to recruiting and hiring strategies, quality is oftentimes more important than quantity. Make sure the staffing firm you are working with has highly qualified nurses who not only are a good match, based on skillset, but on culture fit as well. The more comfortable nurses feel in their assignments, the longer they are likely to stay and be part of the community.

3. Provides added value.

Hospitals today are tapping the expertise of healthcare staffing companies because of their unique position in the market that allows them to communicate daily with clinical leads, CMOs, boards of nursing, and other decision-makers at hospitals across the country. These conversations provide staffing firms the opportunity to anticipate clients’ staffing needs and provide data-driven recommendations based on relevant past experiences which help clients save both time and money.  

4. Has a strong reputation.

A company’s reputation is crucial when looking for a new, or evaluating a current, partnership. Consider these questions when comparing healthcare staffing firms:

  • Would a travel nurse recommend the firm to a friend or colleague?
  • Does the firm continuously beat out the competition for placing top talent?
  • What is the company’s fill rates and Net Promoter Score?

5. Showcases passion for the industry.

A staffing partner is an extension of the medical facility they work for and should showcase the same passion for the industry as its client. A partner should take pride in the work they perform and recognize the medical personnel they are helping to place across the country are responsible for ensuring quality patient care.

If you are looking for a healthcare staffing partner and are interested in learning more about our services, you can contact our team here or call us directly at 1-866-633-3548.

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